After checking into our hotel, the first thing that my family would go to is Wellcome, a Hong Kong supermarket just a few blocks from our hotel. Along Great George Street in Causeway Bay, you'll easily spot the huge red sign of the supermarket. We would buy chips, chocolate milk, and bottled mineral water and stack them in our room.

I like the supermarkets here. They have a lot of things that I can't find locally. I find this city a very convenient place to travel to. Most shopping malls in Hong Kong have a supermarket. Since I always stay in Causeway Bay (Hong Kong Island), I'm going to talk mostly about the supermarkets in this district.

First time visitors may have no clue about what to expect in Hong Kong, especially tourists from the other side of the world. This page serves as a guide for tourists and also my personal list so I'll be able to keep track of all the supermarkets that I've been to. Since I haven't seen each and every supermarket in the city, the list is quite short. If I do visit more of them, rest assured that I'll add them here!



The Causeway Bay branch is strategically located near hotels and malls, so always expect a lot of shoppers here. The supermarket is not very fancy. Nevertheless, it got most of the things you'll need: from chips to cooking oil, shampoo to razor, fruits to frozen fish. We always purchase several packs of frozen dim sum and eat them for breakfast. We would also buy a few packs as presents to relatives.

Every Christmas season, Wellcome has a buy 1 take 1 promo for Ferrero Rocher chocolates. They are a lot cheaper than in Manila!



I really like the ambience in City'super. It feels like you're inside a luxury hotel. It has a wide selection of gourmet food items from different countries. Since the products are mostly imported, buying groceries here are more expensive than in a regular supermarket. This is not a place to shop when you're looking for some cheap midnight snacks or sodas. But if you want some unusual items (like some snacks that are hard in to find in your city), don't miss out this place.

Times Square has a City'super in its basement.



A sister company of the prominent supermarket Park'n Shop, Taste caters to middle-class buyers. The food items are not as fancy as in City'super but it's a pleasant place to shop. It has an in-store bakery where you can buy fresh bread or sandwiches to go with your morning coffee. A wide variety of fruits, sushi, seafood, and ready-to-eat meals are also available.

It currently has 12 branches around Hong Kong,[1] though it hasn't opened one in Causeway Bay yet.


I spotted this supermarket in the basement of Windsor House, a shopping mall in front of the Park Lane Hotel. It is near the escalators by the entrance. At the entrance of International is a display counter containing breads and sandwiches neatly lined up in rows. The supermarket is not very huge. It also has the usual stuff, which I think are mostly Western products.


This multi-storey shopping mall has a supermarket on the basement level. It sells various imported products. One section looks like one huge frozen section. It has several showcase coolers and refrigerators. You'll find sushi and other fisheries from Japan, imported ham, cheese, meat, fruits, and veggies. It is always crowded when I go there. It's enjoyable to shop there since the supermarket offers a free taste to some of the food items they sell!


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