Medical science has reached its pinnacle - this is what our doctors want us to believe. They are wrong because our bodies are so complex in nature that to date no doctor or scientist can confidently claim that they know everything regarding all of the functions that body performs. There are many fields in which research is being done further highlighting that we lack final and conclusive results and this is especially the case with our bodies. Our bodies require various kinds of minerals and vitamins in high amounts to keep ourselves fit and healthy. Supplement vitamins are essential for our bodies and are part of this process.There are different types of vitamins; water-soluble and fat-soluble.

Vitamin B12, B6, C, folic acid etc are some of the water-soluble vitamins. Vitamin A, K, D, E, etc are some of the fat-soluble vitamins. Our bodies require various types of vitamins at different stages of our life. The vitamin requirement depends on the health of the individual. If we eat a balanced diet, which we seldom do, we would be able to get these vitamins from the food itself. Due to our unhealthy lifestyle and bad dietary habits it is advisable that we use supplement vitamins as per the requirement that our body requires. Vitamins help the metabolism; they facilitate the growth of an individual, and strengthen our bones. Vitamins can also prevent the onset of some diseases as well.

You can go online and study and do a bit of research on your own and you will be able to know the sustenance that our body requires at any given point of time. An appropriate example to understand how to gauge your vitamin requirement (type of vitamin as well as the dosage of vitamin are also critical and you can get this information online) is; if you have pain in your joints then in this case you would require vitamin D, if you have a sore throat you need to have vitamin C and if your hemoglobin is on the lower side then you will require folic acid or iron. Similarly many examples can be given but what you need to do is connect to the Internet and find out the exact solution to your problem, in other words what and how much vitamin your body requires for your particular ailment. There will be plenty of reading material on the Internet and things will become clearer for you.

Supplement vitamins are therefore required to keep us in good health and to help fight diseases. Health they say is wealth.