Supplements for Anti-aging and Longer Life

Modern research into the potential for human beings to live much longer, healthier lives has seen many exciting developments in the world of nutritional supplementation. Some of these supposed supplements for life extension and anti-aging have received much press, while others have had less coverage in the media.

Many people interested in life extension and anti-aging think that self-supplementation with these products from natural sources may help them live long enough to reap the benefits of other life-extending breakthroughs made in mainstream science. As well as supplementing nutritionally with the essential vitamins and minerals the body needs to work well and stay healthy over a long period of time, people take these newly researched supplements in the hope that they will help increase their life expectancy and have other anti-aging benefits.

Many people understand that free radicals are a large cause of human aging and know that supplementation with antioxidants is an important part of health maintenance. Lots of people supplement with coenzyme Q10. Fewer realize that a more bio-available version of coenzyme Q10, called Ubiquinol is now available. Ubiquinol tends to work out cheaper to take in the long run than traditional coenzyme Q10 supplements, as a lower intake is necessary to be effective. There is a similar supplement to ubiquinol, called ubiquinone, but it is thought to be less bio-available than ubiquinol. There are many other anti-oxidants, however. You should include at least one anti-oxidant in your anti-aging supplentation program.

Most antioxidants only work on the outside of cells and don’t reach into the center. Using an antioxidant that reaches the middle of cells is also important for anti-aging and life extension. Gluathione is an anti-oxidant that works in the center of cells. Some people take glutathione supplements. Glutathione supplements are not absorbed easily by the body, though, and it is better to take nutritional supplements which supply the precursors the body requires to make its own glutathione. Simple whey protein supplementation is a good way to give the body all the essential amino acids it requires to produce its own supply of gluathione. It is also a cheaper alternative to expensive glutathione supplementation.

Another, lesser known, cause of aging is the shortening of things called telomeres, which are found on the ends of our mitochondrial DNA. Every time our cells divide, our telomeres lose length. The shorter our telomeres become, the more our bodies age. Geron, a Californian biotech company, has done exciting research into an extract taken from the root of the astralagus propinquus plant. This extract has been found to not only, stop this reduction in telomere length, but can also cause the telomeres to regain lost length, effectively reversing the genetic age of the human body.

The product Geron produces is called TA-65, but it is very expensive. The main component of the product, however, has been found by other researchers to be cycloastragenol, and cheaper versions of this supplement can be found online. The research into this root extract is fairly robust and is an exciting development in life-extension and anti-aging supplements for those that can afford it. Cycloastragenol supplements, although cheaper than the branded TA-65, are still relatively expensive, especially for a person to take the recommended doses on a regular basis. The astralagus propinquus (or astralagus membranaceus) plant, or hi quang as its sometimes known in traditional Chinese medicine, has actually been used as a herbal remedy in the east for centuries, being thought to have many general health-giving properties.

Resveratrol is a well-documented supplement that is supposedly instrumental in life-extension and anti-aging. There is little scientific evidence to support is reported benefits in humans, however. Some non-human research led to the thinking that it may reduce inflammation, which does much harm to the body over time. It is also thought to have possible anti-cancer properties as well as blood-sugar level maintenance and heart health benefits. Some life-extension and anti-aging enthusiasts recommend taking a 50/50 cycle of cycloastragenol and resveratrol. This involves taking one of the supplements for anything between 1 and 6 months and taking the other supplement for the remainder of the time throughout the year.

Check the recommended doses when taking any of these anti-aging supplements. It is also wise to consult your general health practitioner when adding any new supplement to your ordinary health maintenance routine, even if these products are derived from natural sources.

Taking these supplements for life extension and anti-aging may or may not help you live a longer, healthier life. However, if they do, in fact, work to lengthen lifespan, people using these supplements may find that they have lived long enough, and stayed healthy enough, to enjoy future advances in anti-aging research.


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