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Support Local Business

Can One Person Really Make a Difference to the Local Economy?

Everyone can play a part in helping the local economy if each of us would make a concentrated effort to buy and shop locally. If you are wondering what you can do to help the economy, help your neighbors and help the country as a whole, read on and know that each small step you take can help in a huge way. There are many great reasons to support local business that you can take comfort in knowing.

These are the top 13 reasons to support local business and help your local economy:

More money stays in your community when you support local business. Roughly 67 cents out of every dollar stays in your community with each purchase that you make so that those funds can be reinvested right in your own neighborhood.

Local business owners are your friends and neighbors and are much less likely to close up shop and move overseas as other large corporate businesses often do in an effort to save money on labor and taxes and keep more for themselves.

When you support your own community you are helping to support the national economy and helping to reduce the national deficit with more jobs created locally. Many chains are moving or have already moved their headquarters overseas to save money on taxes and labor so by supporting companies in your backyard instead of chains and large department stores, you end up helping to reduce the unemployment rate at the same time.

Local businesses are the nations largest employers which contributes to increased jobs and adding competition in your city or town.

Your own community leaders tend to support other local businesses more often than their larger competitors so you have a better chance of helping even more business coming to your areas when you give your support.

These businesses typically help local charities more often than the national chains do to show their community service and support by donating services, products, gift certificates and cash that ends up helping your neighbors in need.

When you support tour community you help to clean the air and minimize greenhouse gases since there is less travel time and transportation costs. If you want to do more in becoming energy efficient, supporting local business is a great thing to do!

Businesses often hire your neighbors that have expertise in a specific area to enhance the customer service aspect of their business which is great for everyone and a rare aspect of business these days. If you're tired of listening to a computer or other voice activated machine instead of dealing with a real person, continue to shop and buy locally where a real person will assist you promptly.

They are often more creative and try to add uniqueness to what they offer to enhance the customer buying experience.

When you support your community , you will find business people that are eager to create a business alliance with you and are happy to do what it takes to make you happy. They want to be your friend and take the time to learn more about you, your name and what you like, want and keep you coming back to their place of business each month and for years to come. They have more interest in building a relationship with you than their larger competitors.

When you support local business, you encourage more owners to build and set up shop in your community providing your city or town with a unique character that will set your part of the world from the rest. Local business owners typically also reuse space that already exists instead of building more infrastructure in your city or town.

Cities and towns encourage more people to move to the area which helps your economy to be rewarded with more state and local representatives and that in turn assists your neighborhood to get more federal funds for schools, hospitals, parks and recreation, roads and bridges.

Cities and towns full of mom and pops  that are unique draw visitors and tourists to your area when people are looking for a different place to go, eat and shop instead of the same old places that they can find in their own backyard. When visitors have a great time in your city or town, they are bound to tell their friends back home and that in turn leads to more visitors and more outside money coming to your neighborhood.

Share these top 13 reasons to support local business and help your local economy which in turn will help to create more jobs, provide a nicer place for you to live and help our country as a whole. Small steps that each of us take combine to make a big impact.

Together, we can all make a huge difference – pass it on.

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