Our Other Military Heroes

In times of trouble, we all know our dogs will protect our families, our homes, and us, but did you know military dogs are also protecting our country and our troops, who are serving in harm’s way? Military working dogs have served their country in the Iraq War, sniffing for IED’s, among other dangerous jobs. These brave military service dogs are also currently working in the War in Afghanistan and in the greater War on Terror.

Military Dogs – Hero Driving TankCredit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Belgian_Shepherd_Malinois_on_top_of_tank.jpg

Support the Cause of Hardworking and Loyal Military Dogs

The same way our human troops need support from the home front, so do our canine troops. Search the Internet for charitable organizations that support these outstanding canines. Read about the many programs, and decide which one(s) you’d like to participate in and actively support. Below, I’ve listed some basic ways you can get started supporting these special four-legged heroes.

One cute side note I’d like to share – all dogs serving in the military have an official military rank.

Purchase Canine Related Supplies to Support Military Dogs Serving Overseas

Military Dogs – Hero Sniffing for IED’sCredit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:K-9_Andy.jpg

Programs that collect supplies from donors will list on their websites what items and supplies handlers need most for their canine partners. Certain provisions help these special service dogs do their jobs more effectively as well as improve their quality of life while they’re serving their country. The military has certain requirements, so please check the specifications before sending anything.

Donate Money to Organizations Who Support Military Dogs

Military Dogs – Hero Wearing a Bullet Proof VestCredit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Working_dog_in_Afghanistan,_wearing_a_bulletproof_vest,_clears_a_building.jpg



Some charities accept cash donations of any amount to help fund the good works they’re doing for these devoted working dogs. Examples of good works include: raising money to purchase cooling vests, which helps to keep these brave canines cooler in the hot summer months. There are other programs, which help fund the cost of Kevlar, so these heroes can benefit from this protection in the form of a vest. Monetary contributions to these organizations, which support these hardworking dogs, are always appreciated and needed to keep these wonderful programs running.

Adopt Retired Military Dogs

Military Dogs – Training for MissionsCredit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:081102-F-7792W-037.JPG

Just as our soldiers retire from the military, so do these dedicated service dogs. Another way you can support these faithful and patriotic canines is to adopt these retired military dogs after they’ve completed their service to their country. Like anything else related to government and the military, there’s a procedure to be followed when adopting military working dogs. When a dog ‘retires’, and is ready to be adopted, the handlers have first choice to adopt these retired military dogs, followed by police jurisdictions, and then the civilian population. Additionally, puppies who do not qualify to become military working dogs are also available for adoption.

Military Dogs Deserve Our Thanks and Support

We honor our American Flag. We honor all the members of our Armed Services – the Air Force, the Army, the Coast Guard, the Marines, and the Navy – who protect us, who defend us, and who keep our Flag of freedom flying proudly. So, let’s not forget to honor our military dogs, who help our troops to ensure that we never loose the American Dream created by our Founding Fathers.