Let’s face it; the economy the world over is not in great shape. Most of you know friends or family members who have lost their jobs and cannot find another one. Here are a few pointers you can give your friends that might make a difference, even in terms of having someone who cares enough to try.

 Consider a relevant internship

A lot of people would baulk at the idea of an unpaid internship, before the economy crashed most people would turn their noses up at it because another job was around the corner. However let’s consider some advantages of an internship

  • You can still be paid by the welfare services most likely
  • You aren’t sitting around all day doing nothing
  • You are gaining oh so valuable CV experience
  • You can spend a lot of your time continuously looking for paid work the whole time
  • You have a routine to stop yourself falling into a depression

 Be compassionate

People out of work need support from those closest to them, listening to someone and offering constructive advice can go a long way.  More importantly listening and paying attention to what they have to say is crucial. Try to ensure that they don’t get frustrated or angry by pointing out the positives.

 Offer to put them in touch with connections

Whether this means introducing them to your connections on LinkedIn, emailing former colleagues or even asking around your other friends for possible opportunities. Lighten their load by searching for job opportunities for them yourself in places they might not think of looking like the local paper.

Don’t forget that a personal recommendation goes a whole lot further than an anonymous CV.

 Advise them to complete a review of their skills and talents

Many people use the same CV they used 3 years ago without any thought as to what new skills they have picked up. Some might even have skills they never thought of like picking up good typing skills on that 3 months volunteer scheme for example.

Sometimes people overlook things about themselves other can clearly see.

 Don’t just focus on job hunting

Find time to socialise and relax with your friend. They, just like employed people, need to unwind after a week. Activities are important too, to keep up the same level of activity they did when out of work.

 Finally make sure your friend or family member doesn’t give up looking for work, because work is out there for those that look for it.