All of us like to believe that we are capable of supporting our own employees as thoroughly as possible but are we prepared to demand a similar level of requirement? In this article we analyse the notion of support versus requirement and how it has an effect on ourselves and our workforce.


Support is a must for any respectable manager. We prefer our staff to be as well trained as they possibly can and offer regular coaching to enable this to happen. We aim to create an environment which is comfortable, settled and conducive for doing business. (Okay, most of the time, in any case.) Yet do we consistently demand anything in exchange?


The notion of support vs. requirement is that when you offer a level of support equal to, say, 7 out of 10, your requirement should also be 7 out of 10. Not the 4 out of 10 which we sometimes settle for.

The simple thing here would be to state that we continually provide the the highest level of support and consequently should continually expect to see the highest output from our staff. Yet, often we do not. We're called managers due to the fact we are provided a finite set of resources with which we need to manage. This resource is often employees but may be viewed as anything from limited time through to limited capital. No matter what we've got there'll usually be a limitation and it’s important we understand that.


Consequently, there are, in fact, two dangers. Not requiring enough from the employees and requiring too much. The simplest way to handle this is for you to honestly and with objectivity judge the amount of support you've provided to an employee regarding a particular project and also ask that the member of staff does the same.

If they provide a much lower figure than yours then simply ask them the reason they feel this way and what is missing. You might, as a manager, learn something about yourself than you didn’t know previously and this will provide you with the impetus to ensure you are assisting your staff members as fully as you possibly can.


But having provided that assistance you will need to make certain that you require something of your personnel. Make certain they understand that now a level of support has been determined it's time to deliver in equal measure.


Supporting workers is critical to making certain that they perform to the best of their abilities. But, be frank with yourself as a boss about what degree of support you've really supplied them and then make sure that you have the same level of requirement for your staff.