With the economy these days, people are finding it extremely hard to get a job. Luckily, unemployment checks help a lot of people out. If they lose a job they can receive checks each week. Supporting your family off of only unemployment checks may be hard, but it can be done.

-Buy inexpensive groceries and avoid eating out. Although sometimes eating inexpensive food is not as healthy it may be your only choice while you are unemployed. However, there are many types of healthy foods that you can get at a great cost. Ramen noodles and any types of pasta are a very cheap food to live off of. Also, fresh fruits and vegetables is not only healthy, but you can usually find great deals at farmers markets. It is important to avoid going out eat until you find a job again. You will notice that you will save money and lose weight. French fries are not only expensive but they are extremely bad for you as well. Make a good choice and cook at home. There are also times when churches or other volunteer shelters will have free dinner for the public. Usually you will need to sign up for this so they know how many people to except. Find a place in your area that is willing to do this.
-Do family things together inside your house. Although going out to the movies, going bowling or skating may be a very fun and social activity for your family, it can get to be very costly. There are plenty of things to do inside of your house that can promote family time. Playing a board game, watching a movie or putting together a scavenger hunt are all great things that you family can do together for an affordable price.
-Apply for state help if needed. Some people feel embarrassed or think lower about themselves if they need to apply for state help. It is important to remind yourself that it is okay to ask for help and the help will be there for you. Whether it is help with food or medical bills, things can be done in your benefit. Everyone goes through hard times in life and it is important to remember that when applying for state aid.
-Volunteer your time. If you are unemployed, chances are that you are bored sitting around the house all day. Get your family out there and start volunteering. Volunteers are needed at the food pantry, nursing homes and even city clean up. Whatever you feel would be more fun for you, get involved.
-Ride your bike to apply or apply online. Sometimes an unemployed person may feel frustrated that he is wasting his gas applying all over town without even hearing back from a company. Get some exercise and ride your bike to pick up an application. Also, these days almost all employers have an online application that you can fill out instead of applying in person. This makes applying for a job a whole lot easier since you can do it from your own house.
-Work online. There are many part-time jobs that you can do online whether it is writing, data entry or tech support. Check out different forums to see what is right for you.
-Go to the library and rent movies. Instead of renting from your local video store for a cost, renting from your local library is free. Best of all, you can usually check out movies for a long period of time. Having a family video night every once in a while is a great idea as it takes away your stress. If you do not want your kids to be watching movies every night, you can also have them pick out books at the library to take home and read. What a great way to get boost your kids learning skills.
-Go to the beach. Going swimming and exercising doesn't always have to be expensive. While they charge a few bucks to swim at your local pool, going to the lake is absolutely free. Take your kids out of the house for the day and have them splash around in the water. Don't forget to take the picnic basket full of healthy food.
-Sell items on Craigslist or eBay. If you are unemployment and sitting around the house you could possibly do some cleaning. Cleaning up your basement, attic or garage is a great idea for you to do as it not only leaves you with a clean house, but also helps you eliminate things that you don't need anymore. Make a pile of items that you really don't use anymore and make a profit off of them. While eBay usually charges a fee, there are times when listing things are free, so take advantage of those special times. Listing items on Craigslist is absolutely free and you don't have to worry about the hassle of shipping as you can list everything locally.

Although living off of your unemployment checks are hard to do while supporting a family, it is possible. The most important key to remember is to pay your bills first. Make sure your house payment is in if you own a house, or your rent is paid before spending any money on extra activities. If you have children it is a good idea to let them know what is going on in your life and you can use all of the support that they can give you. Do not use the word "poor" when describing your situation to your children. If you do, they may feel bad about themselves and this could negatively affect them in school. Let them know that since you are not working, you won't be able to do all of the extra things like you used to. Remind them that you can still have fun at the house together by participating in family activities. It is also important to not get down on yourself and remind yourself that this is only temporary. You will find a job and you won't be unemployed forever. Stay strong and confident and you will be able to support your family off of your unemployment checks very easily.