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Credit: Jason Evans


Jason Evans provided a personal in depth look into the vibrant surfing culture of one small New England town, better known for its mansions of the gilded age of society, Newport RI. surfing tattoos It is the wave and the mysterious challenge Mother Nature presents mankind, a never-ending quest for the surfer to unify himself with endless breaking waves. In short, the surfer borrows the spirit of the wave for an instant and translates its essence into art. Just as Impressionist artists tried to capture the momentary and transient effects of sunlight, soul surfing rides on the back of Mother Nature coexisting ever briefly for one spiritual moment.

Installed in the Griswold House of the Newport Art Museum in June 2010, the exhibition showed the outer body art of surf tattoos and the inner heart of the soul surfer and the glee of the amateur surfer in all types of weather on Newport's rocky coast. This exhibition surely  scored with gandelfs and newbie surfers alike and gave insight to a subculture which has surfed Newport's rocky coasts for generations. Surf Island is Goin' off Sane! Surf Island was a passionate look into the world of one small community's surf riders, water brothers and sisters via a photographic exhibition at the Newport Art Museum in Rhode Island.

Find Jason Evans at JasonEvansImagery.com.

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Big Surf - Newport RI

  The Griswold House a National Historic Landmark and an Official Project of Save America's Treasures. Designed in 1862 by famed architect Richard Morris Hunt, it was completed in 1864 for John N.A. Griswold, a China Trade merchant and financier. Griswold House was Hunt's first major commission in Newport and is the premier example of American Stick Style architecture.