Keeping your surfboard ding free while you've got it stored at home or in the garage should be a priority. Although surfboards can take some good impacts from water poundings, they do not fare so well when it comes to contact with hard or sharp objects. Just propping the surfboard up in the corner of the garage is likely going to lead to your surfboard getting damaged. It is amazing that we can get caught by a ten foot wave and our surfboard comes out unscathed, yet just an accidental nudge sending the board to the garage floor can put a crack in the fiberglass.

There are a wide range of surfboard storage racks. You can choose from practical surf racks that will store multiple surfboards, to stylish racks designed to display your board vertically in the corner of an office or den. Vertical surfboard racks are a great way to display your favorite surfboard in your home.

Surfboard Storage Rack Options

The most common way to store surfboards is with wall mounted, horizontal board storage. There are racks to hold just one surfboard to horizontal racks designed to hold up to 6 longboards. The most versatile of the racks are the modular designs produced by Nice Rack and also by Surfdogz. These racks are stackable. For example, you can start out with Nice Rack's standard set that will hold two surfboards. Later you can simply purchase another set. It snaps on top of the existing rack and is mounted to the wall. The only thing that determines how many surfboards you can store with the Nice Rack system is the height of the wall.

The cheapest option available is under ten dollars. It is a surfboard sling that can be mounted in the ceiling or the wall. It is designed to hold one surfboard. The sling is made by Block Surf. It's not fancy, but it is practical. If you are tight for space, and have just one surfboard, this is the best option. The Block Surf Sling is also one of the most secure methods of storing your board.

Block Surf also make a very nice displays for displaying your surfboard, either vertically or horizontally. Their Hawaiian Gun Rack will display your board beautifully on the wall. The rack is handmade from hardwood laminates and is a nice blonde color. You don't buy a rack like this to store the surfboard in the garage. This rack is for displaying your favorite board in the home.

Reef Racks arguably have the strongest surfboard racks in the marketplace. They are constructed from T6 Aluminum. You can store up to six surfboards on the largest rack. There is a lot of space between the support pegs, so you'll have sufficient space if you have longboards and you don't have to remove your fins prior to storing the boards either.

With the variety of well designed surf racks in the marketplace, there is a rack out there to suit your needs. If you are looking for a way to store your surfboard without spending a lot of money, Block Surf and Nice Rack offer two good surf rack options.