Surfboard sprays are very easy to do yourself and allow you to personalize your surfboard and express yourself. Surfboard sprays are also a great way to improve your chances of getting shots of you surfing published in magazines. Photographers and editors both love a nice flash of color especially when it jumps out from the endless black wetsuit, white surfboard photo's they're staring at. 


How To Do Your Own Surfboard Sprays

Surfboard sprays allow you to get creative and make your board look great and are a lot of fun to do. Your quiver always looks good when you've got your individual theme of sprays going on.


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Here are some great tips to having the best looking surfboard in the water. You can use auto spray paint if you like. Be careful of your clothes and I'd recommend using a disposable paper mask or respirator.

Before starting your surfboard sprays make sure your surfboard is clean and clear of any wax or dirt and that you are outside or in a well ventilated area. Avoid doing sprays on a windy day.

The simplest idea for a surfboard spray is using masking tape to design different lines and patterns on the deck then spray over it with a few different layers of colors (lighter colors first) then remove the tape once the paint is dry, you can make some great looking sprays with this method. Do a few practice runs on a bit of cardboard or something first to get your technique down. You don't want to spray too thickly, hold it at a distance while doing light layers. 

If you want to get more technical and creative with your surfboard sprays, instead of masking tape use washing up liquid. Draw your patterns and artwork or do some writing by squirting the liquid onto your surfboard (good quality stuff is better as its thicker and makes a more solid line), once you have your design, spray paint over it. Wait until the paint is dry then throw a few buckets of water over it to wash away the liquid and reveal your artwork (no paint will be where the liquid was). Repeat this with different colors and layers as desired. You have to be faster with this one because once you've squirted the washing up liquid you won't have long to do your spraying before it starts to run and spread.

You can also get some card and make some stencils for your sprays. Skulls, flowers, words or anything you can think of making, just draw your designs on a piece of card, cut them out, use some double-sided tape or blue tack to secure them to the surfboard, then spray and remove.


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Original Surfboard Sprays

My personal favorite method to making amazing surfboard sprays is to use an old net curtain, yes that's right, a net curtain. Just find one with a fancy little design on (floral or paisley even, you'll be surprised how good they look), lay it over your board, spray away and remove. Keep it light remember, and don't use your mothers favorite net curtains for your sprays. 

Come up with other household items for stencils and strange shapes, the shower mats with holes, grains of rice, whatever. Get creative, there's endless original sprays to be done.

Then mix them all together, a little bit of tape, a bit of washing up liquid, a couple of stencils. Just don't go too over the top with all the spray paint though and try to refrain from spraying the bottom and the fins as too much may cause friction while you're surfing and slow you down, and you don't want that. Too much paint may also add unwanted weight to your board.

If your worried about your masterpiece sprays wearing off over time in the water you can make them even more secure by spraying a very light coat of clear lacquer over the top when you've finished. You can buy the lacquer and all the sprays in pretty much any hardware, auto or DIY shops.

Fluorescent surfboard sprays look really good and try to avoid using too much black because it conducts heat and gets too hot in the sun and by the time you get to the water's edge you'll find all your wax has melted off. Surfboard Sprays are also a great way to cover up repair jobs which you can learn how to do professionally below. Now go to..

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