Cornwall surfing holidays

Cornwall is easily one of the most beautiful parts of the UK and it has a world famous reputation for surfing and other watersports. If you’re a keen surfer or looking to learn then Cornwall should be the top of your list of places to go to get your surfing fix. Here we’re going to look at some of the places to go to find the best surf as well as offer some holiday advice and some advice on where and how to learn.

Where to Surf

If you’re looking for the best surf spots in Cornwall then the obvious place to start is Newquay. Newquay is the party town of Cornwall and incredibly popular with tourists thanks to its bars, pubs and raucous clubs that attract thousands of party goers every month. Newquay is world famous for its surf with Fistral beach being the most popular spot. There are some great surfing lessons available here as well as some of the best surf in the county. However, Newquay is incredibly busy in the summer and the beaches and the seas are crammed full of holidaymakers. This can make surfing a little crowded sometimes so you might want to head a little further north to some of the quieter spots. Constantine is a much less crowded beach with great Atlantic surf  while Watergate bay  is beautiful and less busy with one of Jamie Oliver’s best restaraunts and some nice seafront bars. Finally you might want to explore Lusty Glaze, Crantock and Polzeath all of which offer great surf. The south coast is less good for surfing as it’s a lot more sheltered generally. Whitsand and Porthleven are worth a look though if you happen to be on the south coast and looking for a surf spot.

Where to learn to surf

If you want to learn to surf then most of the beaches on Cornwall have a surf school of some kind. The most popular is the one on Fistral beach near Newquay but it’s by no means the best. I think it is generally better to learn somewhere quieter as you’re going to spend a lot of time falling off the board and into the water. This can annoy other surfers (but hey we were all beginners at one stage or another) and so a quieter beach is generally better. Watergate is a great place to learn as are Gwithian and Crooklets – just because they are quieter and you can get some good even surf which is perfect for beginners.

Surfing events

Given Cornwall’s world renowned reputation for surfing it’s unsurprising that there are a plethora of competitions held here every year. The biggest events are on Fistral beach with Relentless Boardmasters, the quicksilver skins and the UK pro surf tour being amongst the biggest and best. However, the other beaches hold a variety of smaller competitions and it’s a great opportunity to see some first class surfing and brush up on your own technique as well.

Where to stay

Cornwall is popular with loads of travellers and there are thousands of hotels and B&B’s throughout the county. Cornwall cottages are perfect for groups and around Newquay give you great access to the lively town. However camping is probably the best for most groups as you can get a lot closer to the sea while cutting down on cost considerably.