While San Diego is known for its many attractions, lively nightlife, and beautiful beaches, it is also known for its great surf. There are tons of surf spots along the coast, so whether you are a beginner or a pro, be sure to head to southern California for some of the best surf in the country.

Windansea: This beach gave birth to many of the most colorful surf characters of the last fifty years. The original Windansea Surf Club included the star of the movie, Endless Summer, as well as other popular surfers of the 60's. During the summer, it can have 6 to 8 foot surf breaks, which is rather big for California summers. The main break is a reef, and is a good spot to surf year-round.

Fletcher's Cove: Located in beautiful Solana Beach, Fletcher's cove is about a block from the Solana Beach Coaster and Amtrak station. Just above the beach is a grassy lawn with a playground, so it is commonly full of families. The beach area below is pretty small, but the surf is the main attraction. It can get pretty crowded here during lunchtime as well as directly after work because the 9-5ers often head over there since it is close to many businesses.

Beacon's: Located in the community of Leucadia, just North of Encinitas, this is a very popular spot among locals, but not that widely known to outsiders and tourists. Its proximity to some of the nicest homes in the area, as well as some of the most down-to-earth taco shops is part of the appeal. The beach town is quaint and friendly with plenty of little beach cafes and surf shops all around the area.

Black's Beach: The most popular surf spot in San Diego, Black's Beach, is often called the best break on the West coast. While it is technically part of Torrey Pines, it has a personality all its own. The southern half a mile or so is mostly filled with surfers, and the break is huge because of the underwater Scripps canyon that creates rough waves. This area is recommended for advanced surfers only. The next half a mile to a mile is a well-known nude area. It was once a city-operated clothing optional beach, and nudity is technically not permitted, but it is tolerated by the state. This stretch of beach is the largest nude beach in the United States. Pacific Beach is not too far South from here, so you can enjoy some choice waves in the AM and finish off the day with some drinks and entertainment at night.