Something New and Different

Every now and then with video games, something awesome happens.  A new game is released out of nowhere and is just completely unlike anything anybody has ever played before.  It doesn't really fit into the molds of our existing entertainment: it makes a new one.  And although such an occurence is rare, it is glorious when it occurs, because it shows us that we haven't seen it all, and there are still plenty of ways for developers to make new types of content that appeal to the masses.  Surgeon Simulator 2013 is the next popular game to fill that hole we all have (weak attempt at a pun intended.)  Truly, the only game really comparable to this is the board game, Operation.  However, this is everything that Operation was, and more.

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Perhaps the greatest thing about Surgeon Simulator 2013 is its sense of humor.  It's always refreshing to see a game that doesn't take itself too seriously, and that trait is found in abundance here.  You control surgeon Nigel Burke, a good-intentioned man with very shaky hands.  The controls for the game are purposelly made difficult and clunky.  Moving your mouse will move Nigel's hand around, left clicking with make him put his hand down, and right clicking will result in him swinging his hand to the left or right.  You can then map each of his five fingers to five different keys on the keyboard.  It all makes for challenging yet amusing gameplay, as you attempt to command Nigel's hand to do simple tasks like picking up a pair of scissors.  And when you have to then use that pair of scissors to cut open a patient and perform operations like a heart or kidney transplant, or brain surgery, well, then things get really crazy and order goes out the window.

This is a game that is definitely not for those who can't stand the sight of blood.  Although the game looks far more cartoon-like than realistic, there are still buckets of blood.  In the top right corner of the screen, you can tell how much blood a patient has left until they die.  When you attempt to clumsily fumble your hands around with drills, hammers, and saws, well, you can imagine how some unncessecary incisions may be made.  And while all of this comes together to become quite a challenge, it's the type of mission you will enjoy trying over and over.  You will enjoy experimenting with different tools and equipment to see how the patient's body reacts to things like drilling through their organs or sawing through their rib cage.  Because of this, Surgeon Simulator 2013 has quite a bit of longevity packed into its humble $9.99 sales price.

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What makes it even better is that it's clear the developers of the game want the players to keep having a good time, as they also recently free downloadable content (DLC), which allows you to operate on characters from the popular online first-person shooter, Team Fortress 2.  In addition, buying the game through Steam means that you will get access to Steam achievements, some of which add some serious additional challenge, which you are bound to find both frustrating and enjoyable at the same time.  There are also discs to collect, easter eggs to find, and a whole lot more that make this game more than worth the money.  It would easily be a fair buy to pick this up and enjoy the experience at a much higher retail price.  At $9.99, it truly is a steal, and the very least, worth taking a shot at.  There's plenty of content here to make it a game you will sink many hours into perfecting, and the constant humor makes it something you will want to tell your friends about.  So long as you can stand the sight of a bit (or a lot) of blood, pick up Surgeon Simulator 2013.