A surgical bra is as much a part of recovery from breast augmentation as rest and limiting activities. Post surgical bras for breast implants are an important part of recovery and comfort for the patient. Fortunately, today there are many top manufacturers dedicated to these garments. Beyond comfort, these post surgical bras are a necessity to help implants drop properly into place and to keep them stabilized while the incisions heal.

There are certain features that are common in these post-surgical compression bras. They normally have a wide elastic band along the top to help coax the implants downward. These bras also usually have wider elastic under bust band than regular bras. This provides support and maintains comfort. The material content of the bras used after surgery are often a nylon / lycra blend. Top bras have moisture wicking capabilities and may even contain anti-microbial protection that can help eliminate bacteria that could lead to infection.

Just because surgery requires a special bra does not mean that they can't look good! Today, women recovering from breast surgery can be comfortable without feeling "institutionalized". Lace, bows, colors and prints all go a long way to making augmentation bras more like a traditional bra. A few of the best bras to use after breast implant surgery include:

Marena Surgical Bra with 1" Elastic (F5 Certified Compression Garment)
Marena is a top name in surgical bras and this is one of their best sellers. No underwires or cup seams to cause pain to sensitive post-op breasts. Hook and eye front closure allows ease of use without causing excess motion. Adjustable shoulder straps. The wide 1" elastic under the bust band provides support and stability. This bra gets positive reviews and is very affordable.

Marena Surgical Bra with Built-in Implant Stabilizer
This is definitely one of the most advanced post breast implant bras available. It is higher in price, but well worth it. It retains its shape even after constant movement and washings. It has a large velcro elastic band to stabilize implants, the same front closure for comfort, and a lower elastic band for support.

Marena Surgical Bra with 2" Elastic (F5 Certified Compression Garment)
This is another in the popular line of compression bras from Marena. The lack of underwires and cup seams mean comfort. It has the usual front hook and eye closure and a wide 2" elastic strip under the bust line for support and stabilization. It is a very popular seller.

Compression and stabilization is the key to a quick recovery following breast augmentation surgery. A great post surgical bra is well worth the investment. The quicker the recovery, the quicker a patient can display their new "assets" with a sexy bra or breast petals of their own choosing. Follow your doctor's advice during recovery and wear surgical bras until instructed to do otherwise. Check with local medical supply houses and if there is not a good selection of styles and sizes than order them online and have them delivered in time for your surgery.