Surgical hair replacement for men is not a cheap hair replacement treatment. Going bald can be difficult for men to deal with. Sometimes it's the inevitable and bound to happen. Sometimes diets, herbs, and non surgical hair replacement treatments don't seem to work. Or the baldness has already took its course, and surgical hair replacement has become the last option in resurrecting your hair. Despite a lot of myths on hair loss, male baldness comes down to hormones. Other things can lead to baldness like immune system diseases, or disorders like telogen effluvium, traction alopecia, and cicatricial alopecia.

The leading cause in male baldness is DHT, which results in 95% of male baldness. DHT is a enzyme 5-alpha-reductase when combined with a testosterone, converts into DHT. When DHT reaches hair follicles, they shrink them and strip them on their nutrients. As the body produces more DHT, the more they shrink hair follicles, leading to hair loss. The body sheds hair follicles all the time. Shedding hair is common, but DHT inhibits hair follicles to grow again.

Surgical hair replacement for men treatment isn't the only option available. If you're experiencing androgenetic alopecia (male baldness) there are herbs, and very effective non surgical hair replacement for men treatments that work. Minoxidil is the only FDA approved non surgical hair replacement for men and women treatment on the market. If you've already experienced with herbal treatment, and other hair loss treatments that didn't work, then surgical hair replacement or wigs are your last options.

Surgical hair replacement for men costs

What will it cost largely depends on the number of hair follicles that needs replaced. It comes down to how many grafts need replaced will determine the costs of surgical hair replacement for men and women. Costs can easily range as high as $20,000 to $30,000. The average price for one graft ranges between $3.00 to $10.00. Surgical hair replacement and follicular hair transplant can costs a lot, or a reasonable amount depending on how many grafts need replaced.

The costs for surgical hair replacement for men shouldn't be motivating factor for treatment. You want the best and well respected hair transplant surgeon when getting this sort of treatment. Surgical hair replacement is not guaranteed to work. After all its a surgical procedure that could go wrong and there's known side effects that can occur. Getting referrals, researching each surgical hair replacement clinic should be done when looking for the best treatment possible.

Surgical hair replacement pros and cons

Surgical hair replacement for men and women does work. How it works is healthy, growing hair follicles are taken from the back of your head, and implanted where you're balding. The healthy hair follicles will result into growing hair. Sometimes hair growth products are still recommended. The pros seem simple, you'll get hair growing again. Results can be great and make you look young and boastful again. Surgical hair replacement for men and women can definitely work. However, there are some known side effects and cons as well.

First off the money part is a well known con. The costs are high, and likely your insurance plan won't cover hair transplants. You could end up spending $20,000 on surgical hair replacement. Also the side effects can result in pain, infection of the scalp, and scarring. The procedure is said to be painful. Results might not be shown for 6 months, or longer. Hair might grow, but it might not grow and look naturally with other hair follicles on your scalp. Hair might look uneven, or clumpy. Bad surgical hair replacement procedures can cause for a nightmare image.

Alternative hair replacement options for men

Discuss with your doctor, dermatologist, or holistic medicine practitioner on all your hair replacement options first. If you're just beginning to experience with androgenetic alopecia, surgical hair replacement might not be needed. There are herbs and Rogaine is FDA approved in growing hair for 85% of men who use it. Consider the alternative non surgical hair replacement for men treatment options first.