Surplus building materials are left over at the end of construction projects. When completing a floor tiling project in a home, it’s sometimes hard to estimate the exact amount of materials you’ll need. If you find yourself in a situation where you’ve finished a project but are left with a large amount of excess tile that you can’t return to the manufacturer, selling it can help you recover some money.

How to Sell Floor Tiles

Place a value on the tile that you’re willing to accept. It’s possible to get the exact amount you paid for unopened boxes, but chances are you’ll need to drop the price for packaging that’s already opened.

Ask tile installers or builders in the area that you are acquainted with for suggestions. If they personally have no need for the tile, they may be able to recommend someone who does.

Write an ad describing the flooring tile you have for sale. Be specific about the condition, price, size of the tiles and amount of tiles you have to offer.

Place the ad on a free classified website such as Craigslist or American Builder Surplus. Craigslist allows you to post an advertisement without setting up an account, but you’ll need to set one up with American Builder Surplus. This involves filling out a simple form with information such as an email address and first and last name.

Create an Ebay account and list your flooring tiles to reach a broader audience if you’re willing to ship them. Weigh the tiles and research an exact shipping cost to include with your listing. Since tiles are heavy, shipping will likely be expensive.

Check with your local hardware or building supply store to see if they have a bulletin board for public advertisements. Hang a flier with information about your flooring tiles if the store offers this service. Be sure to include contact information such as an email address or phone number.

Visit a building surplus materials store if you have one in the area. Some stores purchase unused materials like floor tiles. While you might not get top price here, it’s a fast way to get rid of the items.

Things to Consider When Selling Surplus Building Material

Selling locally is the best option due to the excessive weight of most types of floor tiles. It should be easier to sell at this level than on auction sites because of the high shipping costs. Be open to the option of delivering the tiles yourself, either for free or small extra fee.