We all need to be cherished. It is great to receive a birthday, Easter or Christmas present but what about the rest of the time?

Having received an unexpected thank you gift today, I began thinking about what impact such a gift can have on a person. Unless the recipient is a mercenary individual the price of the gift is insignificant. In fact sometimes the smallest gift, financially, can bring the biggest smile to someone's face.

My thank-you gift was not for anything special.

I suppose it was for being a good neighbour. The attached Easter card simply thanked Hubby and I for our kindness during the winter months. Our elderly neighbours are just getting to that age when life can be difficult. Winter brought severe weather conditions this year and we helped them when we could.

Not in any special way though.

It was simply a case of:-

  • asking if they needed any shopping when there was snow on the ground
  • knocking on their door to see if they were OK when there was a local power cut.
  • supplying them with some candles for this emergency.
  • emailing the maintenance people when their boiler decided to give up the ghost one sunday, in freezing cold conditions. With no computer they would have had to wait till the Monday had we not done so.

However, none of this was time consuming, intrusive or costly. In fact it was just what most people would do in such a situation. It is called being thoughful, or so I was taught.

I have to say though that the card and gift really touched my heart. It was also thoughtful and shows that the small amount of help we offered was appreciated and had made a difference.

Easter can be a time of giving gifts but often it is only Easter Eggs or chocolate and then only giving to close friends or relatives.

How about sending a card or giving a gift to someone just for:-

  • being there
  • caring
  • being neighbourly

Remember though it does not have to be a special day to give a gift.

In the story book, Alice in Wonderland, The Mad Hatter has tea parties to celebrate unbirthdays, as there are far more of them than birthdays each year. Perhaps he was not so mad after all.

How about spreading a little cheer and making someone smile with an unexpected gift.