Who is Miss Kay Robertson?

A gentle woman with a will of steel

The A&E hit program Duck Dynasty just completed their third season on the air. Although the “beards” are the primary focus of most of the action, the woman standing in the background who has controlled most of it for years is Miss Kay. As the wife of Phil, mother to Willie, Jase, Jeptha and Alan, and sister-in-law to Si, she quietly rules the roost in her mild and gentle manner. Her daughters-in-law respect her, her husband reveres her and her sons will do anything for their mother if there is the promise of food at the end of the job!

But who is Miss Kay? Is there more to the woman behind the apron that we realize? Here are some surprising facts about her that you may not know.

What is Miss Kay's Real Name?

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Miss Kay’s given name is Marsha Kay Carroway.   She was born on December 21, 1950.  Her third son, Willie, is named after her father, Willie Ezell, who died when she was only fourteen. [

Why do Willie, Jase and Jep call their parents by their first names and not “Mom and Dad”?

In the South, it is a sign of respect to call someone “Miss” before her name, whether she is married or not. It is not a “southern thing” to call parents by their first names.

Duck Commander started as a family run business. All of the boys worked for the company when they were younger. When they answered the phone and spoke to customers or were conducting business meetings, it did not sound professional to call them “Mom and Dad”. Instead, they started referring to them as Phil and Miss Kay, and it stuck outside the workplace as well. You may occasionally hear one of the Robertson sons call Kay “Mom” during an episode of the show. [1]

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Phil Discusses How He Handles His Wife's Quirkiness

There Were Many Dark Years in the Robertson Marriage

She did not give up when the going got tough

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Phil and Kay were high school sweethearts.  He was sixteen and she was fourteen when they first met. They married two years later when Phil graduated high school and he entered college to play football and earn a teaching degree. The elder Robertson led what he called a “heathen lifestyle”. He would come home drunk every night and oftentimes get into fights when he was in an inebriated state.

One night, he got into a fight where he threw the bar owner’s wife across the bar and fought with both of them. He hid to in the woods for several weeks while the authorities looked for him.

Miss Kay told her sons that while their father was a good man, Satan had overtaken him. Despite being poor and having a husband who was a sinner, she stayed in the marriage, even though it caused her an enormous amount of emotional pain. Her grandmother always told her “One Man. One wife. For Life.”

But this was not the life she had envisioned for herself. Kay found G-d and while it was difficult for her to watch Phil be the way he was, she would not leave. She believed G-d would help her save her relationship with her husband.

At one point in his life, Phil kicked Kay and their three sons out of the family home (which was a trailer). When he was 28, Phil turned his life over to Jesus. When he came crawling back and asked to be forgiven, she took him back on two conditions-he to stop drinking and stay away from his old friends.

He has kept his word. Perhaps this is why Phil speaks about Kay in such a loving way and he reveres her. After all he put her through during their early years together, she stayed by him and loved him all the more.

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Miss Kay Was a Cheerleader

They met in high school when Phil was a quarterback and Kay was on the cheerleading squad. She was not the head cheerleader, but she was the smallest. That is why she was on top of the pyramid! 

Taped to the headboard of their shared bed, Kay has a note that she made Phil write to her. She knew he loved her, but she wanted written proof. It has been there for many years as a reminder that he does love her!

Phil and Kay still have a healthy marital relationship in the bedroom, and talking about it in front of their children is not uncommon, nor does it cause their boys embarrassment.

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She Prefers Being Rich

Miss Kay has also told her husband that she has been both poor with him and rich and she prefers rich!  She also gently reminds him that she has stayed with him through both kinds of times, and after all she has been through, fans certainly know that Miss Kay deserves the life she is living today!

She is a Great Grandmother

At the end of every episode, you see Phil, Kay and their children and grandchildren sitting around the dinner table, saying a prayer before diving into whatever she has prepared. Many times, her older grandchildren have been featured in some of the family adventures.

The one person who has rarely been seen on camera is Phil and Kay’s oldest child, Alan. A pastor who returned to the family business last year after leaving Duck Commander to be a preacher, he is the only Robertson brother without a beard. It just isn’t his thing!

Alan has a wife, two daughters and two granddaughters! That makes Phil and Kay great-grandparents!

Maybe some of the facts about Miss Kay Robertson surprise you, and maybe they don't.  She has led such an intersting life and there certainly not many women like her around!