There are a number of surprising areas where germs can lurk. Once you are aware of some of these areas it will change the way you look at items.

The golden rule is never eat or drink near the computer or while you are working on it, but being human everyone has broken this rule more than once guaranteed. Chances are in an average session at your computer you will have sneezed, coughed, rub your eyes or touched your mouth or nose which are all ways of spreading germs. A recent study concluded that 33 computer keyboards were swabbed and were considered to be a health hazard!
Wash your hands before using the keyboard. When cleaning the keyboard turn upside down to dislodge any crumbs or dust particles that maybe trapped between the keys. Pressing the keys helps to dislodge them as well. Make sure the computer is turned off when cleaning and neverclean with a wet cloth but a damp cloth.
A study found that toothbrushes left open in the bathroom can be infected with bacteria from the toilet after flushing (of course if your toilet is in a separate area then this is not probable).
Close the toilet lid before and while flushing keeping all the bacteria in the toilet.
Rinse your toothbrush under the tap to dislodge and remove any bits of food and toothpaste.
Store toothbrushes in the bathroom cabinet but cover them as warm areas promote breeding of bacteria.
Kitchen sponge is in contact with bits of food and is almost always damp which is ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Chopping boards also trap bits of food and contaminate whatever is being cut next. Even salt and pepper shakers have been tested positive for cold viruses.
microwave your kitchen sponges for a quick easy hassle free way of sterilising, but do not forget it has to be moist and do not do it for longer than 45 seconds. Chopping boards can be rubbed with salt and lemon. Wipe salt and pepper condiments after every meal the most important preventative is to encourage washing of hands.

Essential oils such as Tea Tree, Lavender and Eucalyptus can be used as an anti bacterial solution by adding a few drops of desired oil to your dishwashing liquid. Also if you use a Tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar into your rinse water for your dishes helps keep germs at bay, why not use it to keep germs away from your drain pour some down your drain for a clean germ free drain,( drops of oil can also be used to wipe counters and down the drain giving your kitchen a clean fragrance