Vegan in the Package

Ingredients: wheat and soy

Vegan isn’t simply a trend: it is hard work digging through product labels and deciphering what the ingredients list contains. And sometimes they trick you, (I once bought sauce to make Pad Thai, but wasn't pay attention to the "anchovies" part of the ingredients) but don’t stress too much. Grocery stores are bloated with vegan products, and depending on where live some places (like Wegmans, the "natural" section of Giant) are very helpful to vegans. But there are many products out there that are vegan that you ALREADY EAT you simply don’t know about them (but you do!). The best part is you don't have to go out of your way to some hippie, indie, out-of-town nature/farmer's market store for any of these products! In fact, you already KNOW about these fantastic vegan treats! (and some of them may already be in your pantry!) So, put on your yoga pants, relax because you, my dears, are in for an exuberantly yummy time!

1. Oreos. I list Oreos first not because they are relatively healthy, but because Oreos are heaven on my taste buds. YUM! The chocolate cookie, the creamy center. My mouth is all ready watering. Is it a shock that Oreos are vegan? I'm not kidding either, sweets! Oreos are an awesome dessert snack to enjoy, especially if you have a thing for chocolate. 

2. Bac'n Pieces. Throw em' on a salad, between a sandwich, or right into your mouth--but holy cow, BACON bits are vegan? Yessirriebob! In fact the first ingredient on the list is SOY! Common sense would lead you to believe bacon, or at least bacon's cousin, would be on there somewhere. Nope. These little delicious crunch bits are 100% vegan, 120% YUM! 

3. Chick-O-Sticks. Don't know what Chick-o's are? Eat a butterfinger - the chocolate and Va La La, Bang Ka-Pow! Vegan! These yummy sticks are the good part of the butterfinger. The chewy, crunchy, flakey, and peanutty sticks are great little treats! PLUS if you miss the chocolate Chick-O-Sticks are a fonDO! 

4. Unfrosted Poptarts. You don't get the frosting, but you get the tart! Plus, it is healthier to go frosting-less (plus, you can eat a oreo later!) and a super quick breakfast for when you are rushing to class or work! Poptarts are awesome for kids to snack on and if you're new to a vegan lifestyle or just experimenting it is an easy transition! 

5. Sour Patch Kids. Sour patch kids are awesome because they are a sugary, soury treat that doesn't have gelatin! (Gelatin isn't vegan, and is found in a lot of gummy candies FYI!) Thankfully, Sour Patch Kids offer a reprieve from the lack of fun, movie-going candy!

There are more excellent vegan options out there, you just need a good eye in finding them!