Survivair respirators are some of the most trusted and reliable safety masks on the market. Whether it's their half masks, full masks, continuous flow-supplied air (CF-SARs), powered air purifying (PAPRs), convertibles, tacticals, CBRNs, SCBAs, or any of the other NIOSH approved models out there, Survivair respirators never fail to deliver. Each of these different types of masks can be used for a variety of tasks where you are surrounded by hazardous chemicals and other abatement ranging from work in construction, to military, to forestry, mining, and more. Let's go over some of the more popular and common Survivair respirators and what kinds of key features they have to make your job not only safer, but also more comfortable.

Continuous Flow-Supplied Air Survivair Respirators (CF-SAR)

The CF-SAR types are very affordable an offer excellent protection in non-IDLH environments. They have quite a few different face piece options to choose from. These Survivair respirators are able to fit both the Opti-Fit full face piece as well as the 2000/Blue 1 half masks. You can choose from different coupling types like Schrader, Hansen, Foster, or OBAC, all of which are very reliable and durable. The hose lengths there are to choose from are 25', 50', and 100', also known to be quite durable.

The continuous flow-supplied air Survivair respirators can be used in a wide range of environments and industries. They are recommended to be used in construction, manufacturing, food and municipal services, pharmaceutical, and welding, and they hold up well around steel and metals as well as some chemical environments. You can use these Survivair respirators around hazards and abatement filled environments with gas, vapors, or smoke, airborne particulates, biohazard and other similar chemicals and contamination.

Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Survivair Respirators (SCBA)

Whether you need these for firefighting needs or not, there is a model for the job. Some of them are specifically designed for firefighters, or even SWAT teams, while other SCBA Survivair respirators come with all of the same SCBA features just without the specific catering to a job. Some of the more popular ones to look for are the Panther Industrials if you are a firefighter, the Commando for SWAT, and the Cougar or Puma for anyone else.

These Survivair respirators are great for several different environments. Remember that unless you get one specifically for firefighters, do not use an SCBA around high heat. When you get a basic SCBA, you can use them in around steel and metals, oil, and gas. They are great for agriculture, municipal services, military, utilities, construction, and pharmaceutical jobs and environments. The hazards and abatement you can use these Survivair respirators for are airborne particulates, contamination, explosion, hazardous gas, vapors, or smoke, confined space, extreme conditions, and biohazard material.

Powered Air Purifying Survivair Respirators (PAPR)

You can get a PAPR with either a mask mount or a belt mount, whichever fits your needs more. In the belt mount model, it comes with a High Efficiency filter which reduces costs if you are an employer who has to distribute these to their employees for daily use. These Survivair respirators are compatible with the Opti-Fit, the 4000 full face piece, the 2000 half mask, or the Tyvek single bib hood. Everything fits great around your hips, and the battery pack itself is water proof, has a long life, and is very easy to recharge. The efficient motor gives you a nice high air flow. The face piece kit comes with the face piece, a breathing tube, and a cover for the breathing tube, but the blower kit and high efficiency filters are sold separate.

The mask mount model is very lightweight and comfortable, making sure not to slow down worker efficiency. These Survivair respirators also come with the High Efficiency filters, as well as the water resistant battery pack. The face piece is made of silicone for extra durability and superior comfort. If you have trouble talking with other workers when you wear mask mounts, you might like these. They have molded in speaking diaphragms that help you quite a bit. You can use the Opti-Fit or the 4000 full face piece masks for these mask mount Survivair respirators, and it's easily convertible to a negative pressure APR or a CF-SAR. They come complete with a face piece, a power cord, a High Efficiency filter, a belt, an air flow tester, a battery charger, and a blower.

Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Survivair Respirators (CBRN)

If you're going to be working around hazardous chemicals like these, then you're going to need a product like the CBRN Survivair respirators. They excel in not only function, but comfort as well. The CBRN masks have a great field of vision for when you need it most in those first response situations, and the lens itself is coated with an anti-scratch polycarbonate. It even has an optional drinking tube for super easy access to fast hydration in critical situations. You can attach and detach canisters very efficiently with its DIN-threaded 40 mm connectors. These Survivair respirators come in three different sizes so you can be sure there's one that fits you perfectly.

These are great for many different environments and jobs including municipal services, nuclear, military, government, law enforcement, and fire protection. Some of the hazards and abatements you can use them around airborne particulates, contamination, extreme conditions, and certain types of biohazard chemicals, gas, vapors, or smoke.

Where to Buy Survivair Respirators, Masks, Cartridges, and Parts

There are plenty of other kinds of Survivair respirators to look at. They have a mask for pretty much any duty you can think of, and all of them are NIOSH approved and highly durable. They have half masks and full face masks that can be converted to an APR, PAPR, or a CF-SAR., and use several types of filters ranging from N95 to P100. You can also find other Survivair respirators like the Premier, Premier Plus, ValueAir, Opti-Fits, Blue 1, welding masks, and the 2000, 3000, and 4000 models.

If you are looking for parts like cartridges, blowers, and other accessories, your best bet is to look around online. The internet has so many different stores to shop around at and you might be surprised at some of the prices compared to what you might see in stores around town. Amazon, eBay,,, and dozens of other websites are out there with plenty of Survivair respirators, cartridges, masks, and other parts for sale. Take advantage of how quick and easy it is to shop around online and you could save a pretty penny and maybe even find some parts and masks that you can't find in stores.
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