275 Freeze Dried Meals

What to inlcude in your food survial list:

If you are considering building a survival food list for the possibility of a national emergency or natural disaster, survival experts recommend stockpiling a minimum of 3 days (72 Hours) of food and water per person. However, with the average shelf life varying between different types of products, it can be difficult to keep track of what is safe to eat, and what has expired. The goal of a proper disaster survival kit is have adequate food and water without needing refrigeration, electricity, water, or any other public utility.

The first step in building a survival food list for an emergency is to list exactly what you need to purchase, how long it will last, and when you should replace it. Your survival food list can be recorded with a notepad and pen or you can build a spreadsheet in software like Excel or Google Docs. The benefit of any 72 hour survival kit, no matter how simple or extensive, is the peace of mind knowing that in the event of a crisis you are more prepared than most people.

More important than any other item in your survival supplies kit, is fresh drinking water. At the very least, you should have 3 gallons of water stored for each person in your household. Purchasing 5 gallon water dispenser jugs is the easiest way to purchase and store safe drinking water. Keep water stored in a cool area away from the sunlight and off the floor. Keep water jugs stored on a shelf a minimum of 6 inches of the ground and rotate them every 6-12 months. You can rotate your water by simply purchasing new water jugs, or emptying the old ones, washing them with warm water and soap, and refilling them. If possible store 14 gallons of water for each person in your household for a two week supply of fresh drinking water.

Canned food for survival

For most people, stocking up on canned foods will be the easiest and most cost effective method. Cans have a few advantages over freeze dried food. First, they are generally higher in calories due to the fact that they are higher in fat content. Secondly, they don't require water to consume them. In fact most canned fruits and vegetables are stored in a water based liquids which will provide extra hydration in the event of an emergency. Items to add to your list: Canned vegetables, fruits, plenty of legumes, and meats like tuna and canned chicken. The shelf life of canned goods can exceed several years, but it is suggested that you replace canned food by the expiration date printed on the bottom of the can (usually 1-2 years)

Freeze dried survival food

Freeze dried foods can cost up to 75% more than canned foods, but can offer several advantages. The primary benefit is the quality and taste of the product. Freeze drying food preserves the taste and even the aroma of the food before it was processed. The second advantage is the shelf life. Properly freeze dried and sealed food can last up to 10 years without any deterioration of flavor or freshness. Finally freeze dried foods are much easier to store, and significantly easier to transport weighing up to 90% less than their canned counter-parts.

Buying bulk freeze dried food

The easiest and most cost effective method of purchasing freeze dried food is buy it in large quantities. There are a number of sources to purchase bulk freeze dried food, but the easiest is online through retailers like Amazon.com. If you are not picky about what meals you receive, buying freeze dried food in bulk can save you up to 80%.