There are many different types of survival kits out there in the market. While most people think of either first aid kits or wilderness survival type of kits, there are actually even more that are put together for a very specific type of disaster or situation. To some extent it makes sense to have a cold weather kit, but how about other types? Did you know there are specific kits put together and designed specifically for dealing with earthquakes, hurricanes, deserts, jungles, and many other environments. While there are general survival tools that are good and/or necessary for any general situation where an emergency might take place, there are also tools that are more useful depending on which environment is being dealt with.

There are survival kits for every situation, and it is important to understand that knowing how to use the materials that are included is just as important as having the kit itself. Having gauze for bandaging up wounds does absolutely no good if you have no idea of how to properly wrap up a wounded limb. Likewise, do you know what the iodine tablets are there for? That's critical as it could be the most important part of any emergency kit you have, but if you don't know that iodine is used to purify water and make it safe to drink, then it's not very helpful.

The difference between life and death can often be a little bit of knowledge. Even if you know in your head how to use something, you will want to make sure you can take head know-how and turn it into something practical. For example, almost everyone knows that a small magnifying glass can be used to start a fire, or so can a flint and steel, but both techniques are actually fairly difficult to pull off if you don't understand how to do it perfectly. Practicing these skills before you get into an emergency situation is absolutely necessary.

Whether you call it an emergency kit or a survival kit, knowing how to use all of the materials in that kit and having them with you at all time can help you be prepared for any and all emergency situations.