I've had several friends ask me about survival paracord.  What is it?  Why do you make the paracord survival products?  How does wearing a paracord survival bracelet = survival?  I hope this article will help to help explain the "why."  However, here is a list of some of the possibilities that paracord can be used for.

  • A quick tourniquet
  • Tie downs for gear or equipment
  • Tie it between to trees for a quick shelter
  • Unravel the inner strands for tinder
  • Make a bowsling (fire starter)
  • Use the inner cords for floss
  • Use the inner cords for fishing line
  • Hanging food to keep animals out of it
  • Build a clothesline
  • Attach for a zipper pulls
  • Replace your shoelaces with this! It wont break down.
  • Use the bright orange cord for a key chain...if you drop your keys outdoors, you'll see find them for sure
  • Use the reflective/glow in the dark cord to find those same keys at night....or just quit dropping your keys!

Anyway, in this writing, I am assuming you know what paracord is, its historical uses and the common commercial applications today.  Many of you have seen paracord survival bracelets and probably didn't know that was what you were seeing.  They can be found at many outdoor supply stores such as REI or Eastern Mountain Sports.  The premise of the paracord survival bracelet is; if your camping, working or traveling and you find yourself in need of some heavy test rope for any of the above listed reason, you can quickly untie your bracelet and have around 8 feet or more of paracord 550lb cord to help you out.


As far as customization goes, the various websites showcase the products that can be purchased.  My son and I handcraft several different types of bracelets.  Some have a 2 rows of cord and some have 3 or more in different colors.  Further customizing occurs when you decide how you would like the bracelet to close: a standard side release buckle, a knot and loop configuration, a BDU button and loop, etc.

Various styles of paracord survival bracelets(94610)
Credit: survivalcordman at www.survivalcord.net