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A fresh take on the Zombie Apocalypse

Romero's best since NOTLD

  • strong action on the part of most of the main characters
  • good cinematography
  • a take home lesson about revenge


  • some unbelievable CGI stunts such as shooting a flare into a zombie and lighting a cig off his burning head, muttering zombie heads on sticks, and eyes popping out of a zombie. Some of these CGI stunts were unnessecary
  • Doesn't detail the origin of the blood feud between the two irish clans
  • A riding zombie horsewoman

Full Review

Some, might be confused that I have labeled this Romero horror film the best Romero zombie film since Night of the Living Dead. So, let me explain. Have you gotten sick of seeing a group of lonely survivors hide out in a mall and defend it until they all die. Or a group of survivors in a military bunker, fighting off swarms of zombies, or a group of survivors in a town fighting of zombies? Well if you have, what I just described was Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, and Land of the Dead. While I did not like Diary of the Dead I thought this wilm was an excellent follow up and possibly a revival for the franchise.

The film shows the exile of the leader of an irish clan from a small island off the Delaware Coast. On the mainland he sends a video feed that leads a group of para-military units under the command of a Nicotine junky Sarge. They decide to go to the island to escape the madness that is consuming the continental United States.

While on the Island they choose to follow the old sea-captain and his clan against the rival irish clan. This film depicts a Hatfield-McCoy feud, so to speak, off the coast of Delaware. But really the two factions disagree on whether to kill the zombies or try and contain them until a cure is found or until they can be trained to eat something other than human flesh. The film is good because it doesn't depict a group of survivors 'holding out' but it depicts two clans and a group of para-military soldiers fighting over philsophy. It shows how revenge can often lead to bad results, so there is a little message in here, like most Romero films. While, at the same time it talks about religion. Night of the Living Dead was unique because it started a genre; Survival of the Dead is unique because it actually depicts a zombie scenario where the survivors aren't 'holding out'.

In Closing

Some of the things in Survival of the Dead were unnecessary such as the CGI and undead horsewoman. But, these small gripes with the film, only detract the score a little bit. I believe this is a fresh take on the series and Romero should follow up with a film that doesn't show a group of survivors 'holding out' which has been done in so many modern zombie movies like 28 days later and Dawn of the Dead (remake). This film was good because it was original. Romero should follow it up with something equal original. 7/10 or 3.5/5