Getting through freshman year of highschool can seem like a daunting task. You’ll be meeting tons of new classmates and teachers. Some of them will like you. Some of them might not. This is a very challenging time for most students. Everyone is changing their lives so dramatically that no one can feel completely in control. There is even a chance that someone will take out their own problems on you. You are the one in freshman year of highschool, you’ll be the easy target, right? Not necessarily. You may also worry about fitting in and whether you’ll end up feeling like a bit of an outcast. This is a challenging time in your life but with a little bit of knowledge you’ll get through it.

Everyone is Scared

Everyone has trouble getting through their teenage years. Everyone is looking to leave their homes and trying to find their own place in the world. Even the most confident student in school is scared. Never forget that. It’s all about how you present your fear. If you walk around trying slouching dying for the day to just end then you’ll be terrified. How you act is most of what confidence is. We all have our own insecurities. If you spend your time worrying about them then they’ll take over your life. You have to act confident to be confident. When you act confident, people treat you like your confident. That just makes you even more confident.

They don't need to like you

In all this excitement of being confident, some people, may not take a liking to you. There will be bullies in life.  How the bullies effect you is what matters. Are you going to let one person talking down about you make you lesser person? You don’t even need to say a word back to a student that’s treating you unfairly, in most cases it won’t hurt, but all you need to do it keep your head up and be confident despite them. Everyone who sees it will wonder why the bully is being such a jerk for no reason. People don’t like bullies. There are times when we’re young where we might overlook it but inside we’re all wishing they would just stop being such a jerk. It is completely acceptable to tell someone about a bully that won’t stop. The problem is not you. It is the bully. That student has something wrong in their own life. They need to get it sorted out.

No One Thinks They Fit In

Through all this you still have to worry about fitting in. Fitting in is something that adults worry about to. Over time you begin to realize something. Everyone is too busy worrying about their own lives to really care about what you are like. No one feels like they fit in. Even the popular people feel alone sometimes. You can try to fit it. If you can dress the part, then dress the part. If you can’t or don’t want to then don’t. You will find people who seem to understand you no matter what you dress like if you’re confident.

Freshman year of highschool can be difficult. After this year you will also worry about sophomore year. Then the year after that you’ll worry again. This will continue, even past school. Everyday our lives introduce us to new challenges. The difference between those that make it and those that don’t is the attitude they take the change with. Those that fight the change eventually lose the fight and stay demoralized. Those that win can take charge and make the best out of what life has to offer.