There are lots of articles out there for women and pregnancy, but not as many for men and what they can do to help their partners through.

Each and every women experiences pregnancy differently so there is no universal list, but here are my 10 tips to surviving pregnancy and helping your pregnant partner feel safe and secure.

Avoid Exotic Foods

Tip 1: Avoid Exotic Food

Ok so we all know that pregnant women can sometimes request what seems to men folk to be "extraordinary". But don't simply assume this gives you carte blanche to cook up a storm in the kitchen.

Ask your wife what it is she would like to eat for dinner and don't make assumptions. What she liked last week, she may not want to eat again. In my case that was pepper, so no pepper based foods or sauces. 

Keep it simple :)

Avoid Strong Smells

Tip 2: Avoid strong smells

A very good tip, especially during morning sickness. Understand that your partner has her triggers a little threshold during this phase of pregnancy so be wary about smells she is subjected to.

If you have a particularly strong cologne/aftershave consider using a smaller amount or perhaps a less pungent fragrance.

In my case coffee was a trigger also, as was unwashed dishes early in the morning.

Keep those smells at bay and your partner will have a happy day.

Control Temperature

Tip 3: Regulate the temperature in the house

Depending on whether or not the bulk of the pregnancy is during summer or winter will go a long way to dictating how you as partner go about regulating the temperature. 

If your wife is cold close the windows (but be wary that this may lead to a build up of the aforementioned strong smells ) grab her a blanket, hot water bottle etc. You will tend to find however that her ever-expanding womb will keep her warmer than usual.

It is when your partner gets a little too warm that you should help where you can, as the warmth will dry out the skin and already her skin is quite stretched and can lead to feelings of itchiness.

Doing the housework

Tip 4: Help out with the house work

Your partner is pregnant and for a long while she will seem just fine doing what she has always done around the house, eventually though she will need you to not only help out, but potentially take over the lions share of the house work, especially during morning sickness.

activities such as vacuuming and mopping put a terrible stain on a pregnant women's back so these should be the roles that you take over as soon as you can. Helping with breakfast during the morning sickness phase will also go a long way to being the best pregnancy partner you can be. A big part of why morning sickness occurs is the imbalances in food levels first thing in the morning. Get up and help out.

Also take out the garbage often, don't leave it there to get smelly it will only add to the feeling of nausea.

baby classes

Tip 5: Attend all the classes and appointments you can

This is an important tip and will go a long way to surviving pregnancy as a man. It is important you understand how to settle your newborn, what to expect in the delivery suite and what your role in the delivery suite will be.

Attend the appointments, be excited and engaged. Nothing will make your partner feel more relaxed and secure with you during this process than to know that you know everything that they do about the pregnancy.

Baby Brain

Tip 6: There is no such thing as baby brain.

This one is short and to the point. There is no such thing as baby brain and gently patting your wife on the back whilst you tell it's ok it must be baby brain will not make it anymore real. It will only likely get you in the bad books.

There is such a thing as a pregnant women who is fatigued and this could only occur if you as the male partner is neglecting the house work assistance mentioned in tip 4.

Grumpy women

Tip 7: Never utter the word hormonal

This again is a simple concept but worth mentioning. Never accuse your wife of being overly hormonal.

In reality that is like accusing the pope of being catholic, it is pretty obvious that your partner is hormonal, she is growing a baby!!

What your partner needs is your understanding and support whilst her body changes.

tired women

Tip 8: Help her rest when ever you can

This one is not only kind, but quite important. Growing a human being from scratch takes its toll on a women and will leave her exhausted, especially towards the end of a pregnancy.

Help your partner out by letting her sleep in when you can, encouraging the odd afternoon nap and helping her to bed in the evening.s

Basically do whatever you to facilitate her rest.


Tip 9: Embrace her pregnancy body

It truly is a beautiful thing pregnancy and so is your partners body. She may well be feeling  a little less than confidant about her body, so let her know how beautiful she looks.

Better yet take photos of her during different stages of her pregnancy to show her how lovely she looks. She will love you for it then and you will treasure those photos for years after.


Tip 10: Embrace the nesting instinct

Don't fight against it, embrace it. Your partner will need ot nest to feel comfortable around your home.

Help by sorting out the nursery, going shopping with your partner for baby's clothing and must haves such as strollers and  cots. If your not the shopping type make sure you rpvoide lots of feedback on what you like.

Help your partner to feel calm in her surroundings.

So there you have it, there are my tips to how I have survived pregnancy so far. Please comment on this article and add the tips you have found have helped you survive or perhaps some tips from mothers on what their husbands did to help.