Head Coach
Credit: flickr.com

Head coaching is one of the most unstable careers you can enter. I am shocked at how quickly teams and organizations in football and basketball at the professional and college level change coaches. This continual changing of the guard has been labeled the coaching carousel. To survive this wild ride you have to do one thing, win.

In professional sports teams thrive off of revenue. Revenue is driven from fans watching the games at home or driving to the arena and enjoying the spectacle at that venue. This is a multibillion doller a year industry. The owners of these teams are driven by their investment to make as much money as possible. If your team loses then nobody wants to watch them. When a team loses the loss is almost always blamed on the head coach without many exceptions. This is usually an unfair analysis of the team.

The head coach is tasked with coaching the fundamentals of the sport. His job is to coordinate assistant coaches and staff in scouting out oppossing teams and creating a game plan. This scouting report is used extensively in practices to coach players on how to best win a sport. When athletes go into the game if they fail to execute properly and as a result lose it all gets pegged on the head coach. Of course the head coach can't shoot every basket, defend every player, throw every pass, avoid fouls and penalties, kick field goals, run for touchdowns, catch passes, and make critical in game decisions. This all falls on the shoulders of the players. Rather than getting down on the head coach it seems it is much more appropriate to blame the players. I have watched many games where the player performance breakdowns were ultimately what lost the game, not the game plan or the preparations.

I feel that head coaches are treated as entirely replaceable. They get fired easier than an employee in the concession stand. That is the real problem with this scenario. The head coach should be evaluated frequently. There are many situations where dismissal is warranted. But after a poor start to a season fans should relax instead of screaming for the guys head. It often takes time to establish winning tradition. A coach should not be held responsible for all of a teams failures especially when replacing one can be so costly. If a coach wants job security then all he has to do is win. Winning will ensure he is a fan favorite and will never be ousted.