Scary Dentist

Going to the dentist can be such a scary moment for so many people. It seems that no matter how hard we brush or how much we floss it is never good enough. We leave with throbbing gums and a follow up appointment to have cavities drilled. There is always the lurking fear of more serious problems like root canals that can give any regular dentist goer the shivers. Going to the dentist and having it be a positive experience actually takes months of dedication and commitment.

Floss Daily

Flossing is the hidden gem to happy dentist visits. I used to go to the dentist and dread the moment when the hygenist would pull out her floss and mercilessly make my gums bleed. I would leave on those visits in pain with throbbing gums. It never felt good and it certainly never made me want to go back. No amount of toys or treats would compensate for what they did to me. even though my flossing was rarely perfect it still prepared me for that grueling portion of the dental exam.

It can sometimes be painful when you start flossing. Your gums may bleed slightly. This is normal. The more you do it the stronger your gums will become, and lets face it we all want healthy gums. Flossing daily will help eliminate serious dental problems and it doesn't even take a whole lot of time.

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Brush 2 Times Every Day

This one almost goes without saying. Brush a minimum of 2 times daily, and I mean really brush. Try to avoid going through the motions or doing this step quickly. It needs to be a thorough cleaning of your teeth. Remember this is supposed to fill in the gap of the dentist. The more thorough you are the better your next exam will go. No one likes to have their plaque scraped off with a metallic pick. It makes me shiver just thinking about it.

Visit the Dentist 2 Times A Year

Prevention is the best medicine. If you have a minor cavity or need some special attention it is better to catch it sooner than later. It will be cheaper for you to fix and much less painful. Regular dentist checkups will accomplish this preventative measure. If you are unable to visit the dentist every 6 months then make sure you are flossing and brushing. These things will absolutely minimize problems that are experienced by everyone. You would be surprised by the number of people that actually don't floss.

I went out of the country for a couple of years and did not have access to a dentist that I trusted. I made sure that I flossed and brushed religiously daily. When I returned and was finally able to make it to the dentist I had no serious problems. If you follow these things the dentist will be your friend and not your enemy. Eventually you might one day surprise others with your willingness to go and sit yourself in the chair.