unemploymentCredit: http://mrg.bz/mzClcl;By Kevin_P

There are things you can do to help your financial situation if your company lays you off.  If you want to survive a layoff and stay afloat for any length of time, you will need to follow some of these guidelines. These are things anyone can do to save money but when you lose your job, you think more about conserving everything you can until the next job.

If you were one of the lucky ones to get severance pay, use this to build up your reserve cash. In some states you can collect unemployment at the same time. You should apply for unemployment immediately to see if you qualify. Some states will allow you apply on line.

If you have any credit card balances that are high interest, transferring balances to lower interest ones can help with your finances.  Be smart and stop using credit cards while you’re looking for a new job if possible.

 You should work on cutting back on your utilities as much as possible.  Using less hot water can help with the electric bill. You can do this by using cold water when you wash clothes unless it is absolutely necessary to use hot water. Cooking outdoors on your grill can help with electric or gas cooking. You can also use your crock pot if you need to cook indoors as they run on very little electricity. You should unplug any appliances that you aren’t using. This can save you a little on your bill. Using an electric heater can really kill your electric bill. Using alternate methods of heat can conserve heating costs. Look into buying a heat surge which is a fireplace which is electric but runs on much less electric than most electric heaters. Having a wood stove installed in your home can also conserve on your heating bill. Installing fans to cool your house will conserve your air conditioning cooling costs.  Ceiling fans can run for 8-10 hours a day for about .10. These options can help you survive a layoff.

Maximizing your freezer so that there are not empty spaces or very little will conserve your electricity. Your freezer has to work harder when it is empty.  If you are still building your supply in your freezer, fill empty milk jugs with water to utilize the space.  This will also help in case the electric goes out for a period of time as the ice jugs will keep everything cold.

Growing some of your own food can conserve on your grocery bill tremendously.  Even if you live in an apartment, you can grow some food. Herbs and tomatoes take up very little space. If you have a balcony you can grow plenty of container gardens. Buying in bulk can help as well. It is well worth it to have a membership at a wholesale club.

Taking care of appliances on a regular basis can save you tons of money. You can buy back up appliances at yard sales really cheap and store them in case one breaks down. I make a habit of having at least one extra coffee machine stored away in case one should go since we go through coffee pots faster than any other appliance. You can usually get them for less than $10.00.

The most important way to survive a lay-off is to keep things as stable as possible financially so that you can concentrate on looking for a new job.