Zombies or Other Apocalyptic Event

Ok the Walking Dead have taken over, or there has been a nuclear catastrophe or even a natural disaster. So what next? How are you going to survive the terrible conditions? Are you prepared for living without the modern day necessities? No electric or gas, telephones not working, no internet or other communications.

Survival Training

Being prepared would be a good start. Have some survival training under your belt. There are courses you can take on how to survive in the wilderness, books such as the one from the SAS that will teach you how to get water and food, the basics you will need to stay alive. Of course survivability all depends on the level of the threat, but it is in the nature of the human race to try to survive and keep our place in the world.

Living out in The Wild

Why not get some experience of camping, you can take it step by step if you like by first going to an organised camp site and as you get more confident go further into the wild. Take notes of things that you find you need, so that when you get back home you can start preparations for being ready. Food and water is extremely important and you could make a note of places out in the wild where you can get water. Have a couple of places that you would head for that would sustain you for a period, if you had to get out of the towns and cities. You could have perhaps three sites that you would go to that had spring water available and shelter. Go and visit these places and have an idea of how you would use the resources to provide shelter for yourself and loved ones.

Who do you Trust?

You may want to keep something like this secret so that you and the people important to you could have a better chance, or you could decide to organise something with a group of trusted friends that you will be able to survive better by helping each other. It hopefully doesn't have to be every man for him or herself and breaking out the guns to shoot anyone that came near. But at the same time you should arrange everything for yourself and not be relying on others to provide things. They may let you down, either through circumstances forcing them to, or they may not be as much of a friend as you thought they were.

Getting things prepared - Just in Case

In your basement you should set aside a rucksack filled with your essential items, something that will let you create fire so that you can produce heat for keeping warm and to use to cook. Remember to think of items that will last and are not dependent on finite supplies, fuel could be scarce for example. So it might be as well to have a bicycle handy that you can load up with your essential camping gear. Make some lists of places where you will be able to get supplies nearby. In case you don't have to leave where you are, you might want to assess your house in terms of security. Will you be able to keep undesirables out. Get in a stock of foodstuffs that will last and stay edible for a long time.

It is time for some research and an assessment of your situation, will you survive?