How much is too much, when living with an alcoholic? Living with someone who has a dependency on alcohol is not only tolling on them, but you in a mental and physical way. Then you start to question whether you should stick it out and try to help or bail completely. It's unfair, especially to you who is the only one dealing with the issue.

If you are in the bad situation of living with an alcoholic husband, then make sure you take steps to protect yourself. Some alcoholics have the tendency of being violent when drunk, which often leads to spousal abuse. Even if your alcoholic husband isn't violent, he is still hurting you mentally through all the games that go along with alcoholism.

You're constantly trying to figure out whether your loved one is drunk or not. They hide the fact that they are drinking. They are a little quite and not really their usual selves. Sound familiar? Also, when you confront the issue, they become extremely irritated and possibly violent. Well, you're dealing with an alcoholic.

Don't be the victim. Stand up for your right to be happy and don't accept the situation. If you decide to stick with that person, help sign them up for the many public services that help people deal with the common problem of alcoholism. However, if they are unwilling to accept that they have a problem or get help, then there is no reason you should continue living with alcoholic.

As the spouse or the loved one living with alcoholic, your responsibility is to give them a chance and offer them help. However, if they are not accepting of their help, then their only chance will most likely be serious outside help. So, the best thing that you can do for them is get them to commit themselves to some type of alcohol rehabilitation program.

However, if you feel that you are in physical danger, then you must absolutely leave situation. Some people can't handle the mental strain on the relationship and that is okay. It's important that you are able to take care of yourself in order for you to be able to help someone else. So, if you're living with an alcoholic, then you have a lot of considerations to get in order.