South Beach Diet

You can survive the South Beach Diet, if you have discipline or not.The first two weeks are the hardest to get through, like most diets. Staying away from carbohydrates in this time period is very important, as it will break the habits that your body has gotten used to.

Learn to eat breakfast even if you don't usually. Make sure you eat a good breakfast with no carbohydrates. Make room for 1 serving of vegetables. I usually drink a low sodium vegetable juice to get mine in. Make sure you eat lots of protein to get yourself through the day.

Make sure you have protein with each meal. This will keep your body from feeling hungry all the time. If you do this, you will not suffer weakness or loss of energy during these two weeks. Compliment your proteins with lots of vegetables. Try vegetables you have not tried and ones you haven't even heard of.

Do not skip your snacks. Snacks are very important on this diet or any diet for that regard. Snacks keep our bodies fueled so we don't get too low. It's when we reach the low points that we are more apt to quit or cheat on our diets. Do yourself a favor, if you're going to the trouble to start this diet, don't ruin it by skipping your snacks. Think of them as a requirement.

Eating until you're full at meals is important. This will make a huge impact on how your body feels throughout the day and how much you lose. It will keep your body satisfied. Even so, don't skip your snacks, or it will catch up to you at the end of the day when your body realizes.

Drink, Drink and Drink some more. Not alcohol, no alcohol at least the first two weeks. Drink lots of water. You can flavor it as long as it is sugar free.

If you feel like you just want to eat something, try drinking water first. Then try coffee or tea. If it still does not subside, I usually have a sugar free candy.

Don't let yourself get bored. This is another reason people quit diets. When you get sick of eating a certain vegetable or protein, switch to something else. Shake it up and give your taste buds something to be happy about! Add lots of spices to your food and experiment with ones you haven't.

If you have other people in your family, don't expect them to be on the diet. It's not hard to plan meals though that are geared to benefit both dieting and non-dieting parties. Healthier lifestyles are good for everyone. Just remember to say no to the carbs when they are passed around the table. You will be proud when those pounds start coming off and you are slipping on clothes that haven't seen daylight for a while!