Third TrimesterCredit: Morgue FileCongratulations!  You have made it to your third and final trimester of your pregnancy.  Surviving the third trimester in the summer can be miserable, but there are things you can do to make it go along quickly and to make you feel as comfortable as possible.


Drink A Lot of Water

There is nothing worse than being dehydrated during the summer time while being pregnant.  It is extremely crucial to drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated.  When you're pregnant, you will need extra water for you and the baby.  On those hot summer days, especially when you are outdoors, it is important to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated.


Elevate Your Feet

It is common for pregnant women to have swollen feet, especially with all of that extra weight.  Swelling is even more common during a summer pregnancy.  Sit on the couch in an air conditioned house and enjoy a movie, or lounge in a hammock, making sure to keep your feet elevated.  Another option for you is to go in for a professional foot rub.  Nothing will feel better than this during your third trimester.


Cool Off

Depending on where you live, temperatures can be unbearable.  One cool idea is to fill up a small kids pool, which will only cost $10 - $15.  Simply sitting in the pool and getting your stomach and below cool will be very comforting to you on a hot day.

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Wear a Sundress

Sundresses can look beautiful on pregnant women as they can flaunt their little one that they are expecting.  Throw on a sundress and take advantage of dressing up while you are pregnant.  Wearing a summer dress will be more comfortable that sweaty jean shorts and a t-shirt.  You may want to stock up on a few different colored sundresses if you think you will be wearing them often.


Wear Sunscreen

This is one of the most important rules of being pregnant.  Getting sunburn is never fun.  Dealing with the after effects of being sunburnt can be absolutely miserable, and even worse when you are pregnant.  Be absolutely sure that you put on sunscreen before you go outside.  Even if you only plan to be out for 20 minutes, if the sun is at its peak point, you will be burnt before you know it.  Wearing sunscreen is a must to avoid a miserable third trimester.


Avoid Flip Flops

You probably have been looking forward to flip flops all year.  Of course, now that it is summer and you feel as though you can let your feet breathe, I am telling you not to wear them.  Flip flops can make your feet swell and be even more sore than before.  During your pregnancy, you will need a lot of support in your feet.  Wearing shoes with a lot of cushion is ideal for surviving a summer while you are pregnant.

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