The word "authentic," especially when applied in terms of food, can be a little frustrating for the discerning foodie. Well, there is a little place down at Legazpi Street in Makati that may change your mind about getting the real Japanese dining experience. It's called Sushi Kappo Kobikichoc, and it's just a few minutes' walk from Ayala Avenue.

The restaurant's interiors give out a chic, minimalist ambiance. Sushi Kobikicho is actually ahistoric town in Ginza, Japan, popular for its upscale restaurants and kabuki theaters. In homage to Kobikicho's history, four young Japanese chefs built a piece of Kobikicho in the Philippines.

Sushi Kappo Kobikicho features a main sushi counter (10 persons), a private sushi counter(6 persons), and two private dining rooms (8 persons each). Compared to other sushi restaurants, Kobikicho's maximum capacity of 32 people may seem too small, but that same fact allows the restaurant's staff to attend to their customers better. Aside from providing excellent service to its patrons, Kobichiko's owners also ensure that the ingredients they use for their food like vegetables, seafood and meat are fresh and organic. To ensure that their food is at par with their counterparts in Japan, one chef personally goes to the fresh market in Japan to purchase ingredients regularly.

Sushi Kappo Kobikicho's menu includes lunch and dinner offerings, usually served with anappetizer, pickles, miso soup, and dessert. A foodie would be able to sample several kindsof sushi, and other Japanese dishes like tempura. Another thing that food lovers would appreciate is that the restaurant makes their own fresh wasabi from wasabi root grated onsharkskin. You can also order Omakase, which basically means you're leaving it all up to thechef. Omakase can range from sushi to grilled or simmered fish and meat.

Kobikicho's prices may be a little too steep for some people, though most who have experienced the restaurant's cuisine and overall experience say that it's worth every centavo. If you should want to try it out, be sure to budget a couple of thousand pesos forthe meal. The restaurant offers an all-in-one combo of great service, great food, classy ambience, and authentic Japanese cuisine. And if we are to believe the raves Sushi KappoKobichiko has received from various reviewers, the meal should be worth it. So if you're ever in the vicinity of Legazpi Village, be sure to stop by Kobikicho.