Sushi(81961)Credit: nixxphotographyBrooklyn Heights is known as America’s first suburb.  It is a tree-lined, brownstone neighborhood and the first Brooklyn neighborhood when travelling from Manhattan.  Brooklyn Heights is also the first neighborhood protected by the 1965 Landmarks Preservation Law of New York City.  This historic neighborhood contains seven sushi restaurants.  So if you are visiting Brooklyn Heights and looking for sushi, you can check out one of these restaurants.

Iron Chef House
92 Clark St, (718) 858-8517
Iron Chef House has no connection to television show, but serves delicious, fresh sushi in an intimate setting.  Iron Chef House is located on Clark Street between Henry Street and Monroe Place.  Iron Chef House’s sushi is some of the freshest and tastiest sushi in the neighborhood, but their speciality is special rolls.  Try out the Green Paper Roll, Monkey Roll, and Spicy Yellow Dragon Roll if you are looking for something truly special.

Sushi Gallery
71 Clark St, (718) 222-0308
Sushi Gallery is an unassuming, tiny restaurant located at the entrance to the 2,3 Clark Street stop, but don’t let that dissuade you.  This delicious sushi restaurant that is run my a Korean family offers some of the freshest and tastiest sushi in Brooklyn Heights. The restaurant is also the only place you can find any Korean food in the neighborhood.  The family running the restaurant is sweet, polite, and extremely attentive.  Sushi Gallery is definitely one of the best sushi restaurants in Brooklyn Heights.

Ozu Japanese Cuisine & Lounge
78 Clark St, (718) 797-3288
Ozu is one of the pricier sushi restaurants in Brooklyn Heights and bills itself as restaurant and lounge.  In an effort to meet the “lounge feel” they pump, loud dance music and offer some delicious specialty cocktails.  The chef at Ozu was trained at Nobu, so you know the food is delicious and well prepared. If you are looking for tasty, albeit pricey sushi, with a lively atmosphere, Ozu is the restaurant to check out.

Nanatori Japanese Restaurant
162 Montague St, (718) 522-5555
Located one block away from the Brooklyn Supreme Courthouse, Nanatori mainly caters to the courthouse lunchtime crowd.  As a result they offer several lunch time specials.  Otherwise, Nanatori is a solid sushi spot that is neither outstanding nor bad when it comes to quality and price.  Nanatori is a middle of the road sushi restaurant that is a good lunch spot.

Tenda Asian Bistro
118 Montague St, (718) 855-8889
Tenda Asian Bistro is an Asian fusion restaurant located on Montague Street.  It also caters to the courthouse lunchtime crowd but is slightly higher end than Nanatori.  Tenda’s sushi is delicious and fresh, but Tenda is also one of the pricier sushi restaurants in Brooklyn Heights.

177 Atlantic Ave, (718) 858-8077
Mitoushi is located on the outskirts of Brooklyn Heights (Atlantic Avenue is one of the boundaries for Brooklyn Heights) and with rolls at $2.95 and nigiri at $1.25, offers the cheapest sushi in the neighborhood.  While the sushi is by no means bad or unfresh, it is certainly a matter of “you get what you pay for” and does not stand up to the quality of some of the other sushi restaurants in the neighborhood such as Iron Chef House or Sushi Gallery.  However, if you are looking for some tasty sushi without breaking the bank, Mitoushi is the place to go.

If you are looking for delivery and don’t want to pick up the phone, you can order delivery online from Ozu, Nanatori, Tenda, and Mitoushi.