The Benefits of a Sustainable Events Management Plan

If your business or organisation is planning a corporate or fundraising event, considering sustainability in your events management technique can be highly beneficial. Not only is sustainable practice a huge benefit for our environment, consumers and service users also hold a higher respect for companies that operate to a greener and more ethical working code. Here are some sustainability issues to consider in your events management plan:


Marketing is one area of events management that is becoming increasingly sustainable thanks to the rise of social media networks and their use within the business sector. E-invites and web pages concerning your event can contain all the information your attendees require. Online registration can also drastically cut down on paperwork. If your event is on a smaller scale and you do wish to include a more personal element in your marketing, use recycled paper, make sure your guests are aware that it is recycled and insert a note asking them to recycle it again in turn.

Food Sources

Source your food from local companies that advertise a sustainable working practice. Make sure your attendees are aware of the companies you are using, encouraging further sustainable practice amongst your guests and promoting local business. The carbon footprint of a local produce supplier will be far less significant than that of a major catering company. It may cost a little extra in the short term but is a worth while long term investment.


Encourage your guests to travel to your event via public transport or, at the very least, suggest a car pooling method. If there is sufficient time and funding in your events management plan, arrange group transportation for your guests. As well as cutting down on carbon emissions, this can become a novelty ice breaker, say with the use of an open topped double decker bus.


It may sound like a simplistic consideration, but recycle waste. Your event will more than likely produce a lot of it, so think about employing the services of staff that will take care of the recycling on your behalf. If the location of your event doesn’t have recycling facilities on site, consider contacting your local council to see what they can suggest.

There are many other considerations to be made for truly sustainable events such as energy sources, noise pollution and the impact of your event on the surrounding community. But whilst it may be a time consuming and complicated procedure to organise such a ‘green’ occasion, a few small steps within your events management plan can go a long way to a more sustainable business environment for the future.