What is Sustainability or the Green Movement?

Sustainable Homes

We are aware that the resources are getting depleted and the energy is getting consumed. We need to conserve this energy if we really wish to do something for the planet.


The trend of going green not just involves conserving energy. Conserving energy is the first step in sustainability. We need to make systems which ape nature. The system should reuse water, energy and all such resources. Nothing should go waste.

How to make your home sustainable?

You may be inspired to be a part of the green movement but do not know where you must begin. Here we have a few essential tips which can help you create a Sustainable Home.

Tips to a Sustainable Kitchen

You must makeover your kitchen so that it is sustainable and energy-efficient.

  • You must select energy-efficient appliances for your kitchen. You must purchase dishwashers and fridges which exhibit good water saving and energy saving abilities.
  • You must select energy-efficient lighting in your kitchen. You must select fluorescent lights for the kitchen. The fluorescent bulbs have a relatively high initial cost. These bulbs do not emit greenhouse gases which hamper our environment.
  • You must install taps which will help you save water. You may opt for taps which have a flow control system attached to them. You may also retrofit your tap with an aerator. This can help you prevent the wastage of water.
  • You must install a kitchen window. A kitchen window can very effectively save energy.
  • You must make the fridge cavity larger. You must avoid putting the fridge close to any heat source. Your fridge should be able to breathe.

Tips to a Sustainable Living Room

If you wish to have a sustainable living room, it should make use of energy-efficient natural materials. Here are some useful suggestions.

  • You must opt for sustainable flooring. The modern interior designers are coming up with many innovative types of flooring made from wood and bamboo which are durable and last long.
  • Many people opt for area rugs to create a focal point in their living room or to support the living room furniture. You can opt of rugs made from natural fibers like Sisal, Bamboo, Seagrass, Jute and Wool.
  • You can even opt for sustainable materials for the ceilings of living rooms. Here are a few alternatives for Ceiling materials.

You can use metal for the ceiling of your living room. You can use recycled metal to create a paneling system for your home. It is a very good use of the metal.

  • You can also have ceilings made from mineral fibers. These are eco-friendly materials as they occur naturally.
  • You may even opt for some of the sustainable bamboo or wood ceiling options.

Tips to a Sustainable Bedroom

If you have to go green, you must have a green bedroom. Here is how you can incorporate a greener living in your bedrooms.

  • In the traditional bedrooms, beds are made from plywood, particleboard and divans which contain formaldehyde and VOCs. Fabrics are treated with mould inhibitors and fire retardants. Instead, you may opt for metal bed frames as they let air circulate.
  • Usually mattresses in any bedroom are treated with moisture repellents, stain repellents, flame retardants and mould inhibitors. You can instead opt for corn based plastic, organic cotton or organic wool.
  • Conventional Blankets and Bed Linen usually undergo stain resistance treatment and permanent press treatments. They are dyed with chemicals. You can instead opt for vegetable based blankets and linen, patchwork recycled blankets, organic bamboo blankets, organic cotton linen and organic wool blankets.
  • You must go for sustainable pillows and cushions too. You can opt for pillows and cushions made from natural materials. You must avoid synthetic fibers as these can adversely affect your health.

Tips for a Sustainable Bathroom

When you want to have a sustainable home, you need to take every single element into consideration. Here is how you can make your bathroom sustainable.

  • You must design your Bathroom for energy efficiency. Insulate pipes around the bathroom to prevent heat loss.
  • You must select sustainable materials to furnish your bathroom. You can go for clay tiles. Glass tiles are also great sustainable option as these are often recycled.
  • You may also go for bamboo flooring also.
  • You can even opt for bathroom cabinets made from wheatboard or bamboo. These are durable and apt for bathroom interiors.
  • You must also take apt steps to conserve water in the bathroom. You can design your bathroom to have low water showerheads and faucets. This is a very effective way to save water.
  • You can have dual flush toilets in your bathroom. This will let you control the amount of water required in each flush.

What is the need for Sustainable Homes?

As the vital natural resources are depleting at a very fast rate we need to conserve natural resources. If you take initiative and go green, we will be able to conserve these resources.

Many interior designers have realized the importance of sustainability and are coming up with newer more sustainable home interiors.

There is no harm investing in sustainable homes as these help to conserve energy and finally lead to a more energy efficient living.

We need to build more sustainable homes to contribute to a finer living.