The Importance of Swaddling Cloths

Swaddling Babies

Swaddle ClothsCredit: Daniel JohnsThe importance of wrapping or swaddling a newborn baby in a swaddling cloth cannot be understated.  Many may not realize that it goes beyond just keeping your child warm.  It also helps them feel more secure whilst also making them safe.  Lets take a look at the three main advantages to swaddling your baby in a cloth.

1. Keeping Her Warm

The most obvious and well know reason to wrap a baby is to keep her snug and warm.  Muslin wraps are produced in varieties to suite all seasons, including multi layered wraps for the colder months and ultra thin breathable wraps for summer.  The very thin wraps come with just one layer whilst the winter wraps can come with as many as 4 layers. 

2. Helping Settling Her

This is probably the main reason to wrap a baby and is a good reason the tradition has survived for thousands of years.  By wrapping your child in a swaddling cloth you are creating a sensation that is simmilar to the feeling she would have felt during her time in the womb.  There are a few different methods to wrapping and you may need to try a couple before you find the one that your child is happy with.  Some babies just don't settle when wrapped and for them I recommend trying a baby sleeping bay.  These offer similar benefits without the restricted feeling that most babies love but some hate.

3. Safety

Research has given strong evidence to show that swaddling a baby can reduce the chanes of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).  The reason for this is that by wrapping your baby you are reducing the need for loose blankets and sheets.  These loose items can be a sefty hazard if they cover your babies face.  A newborns ability to regulate oxygen intake is not fully developed so it's important to make sure her breathing is not obstructed.  The restrictive nature of swaddling also keeps your baby in a position that helps prevent rolling over.  These days it is recommended that babies only sleep on their backs and swaddling cloths can help acheive this.

There many swaddle cloth suppliers and I recommend you shop around for some of the quality brands.  A couple of tips are to make sure you buy 100% cotton swaddles and make sure they are breathable.  Cloths meeting this requirement won't iritate a newborns sensitive skin and will allow breathability thus reducing the occurance of rashes.  Wraps also come in a variety of sizes.  In my opinion, just by the larger size beacause your child will be able to grow into it and you will find a number of other useful tasks the for the wraps.  For example muslin wraps are great as covers for a stroller when your baby is sleeping or for sun protection.  They can also be used as burping cloths or as a quick and easy playmat.  If you are usure which muslin wraps to buy I highly recommend the Aden and Anais brand.