Swagbucks is an online rewards program, where you can earn cash and prizes for doing virtually anything you already do online, from watching videos online and surfing the web to playing games, shopping and more.

    Swagbucks is a great site to join. The site is free,legit, user friendly and plain fun to be apart of. By joining swagbucks you can win great rewards like ipod touches,gift cards,wallpapers and much more. Many articles will tell you lies about swagbucks in order to get you to sign up. In this article I tell you the truth about this great site.  You will learn how people are making money with the site and how you can make money too.

Why Join Swagbucks

  There are hundreds of reasons to join swagbucks. The site has a lot of ways to make money from Searching the web to taking a survey. Below I have listed a few of the popular ways to make money with swagbucks.

Swagbucks Search
     This is probably the biggest money maker for many people. If you surf on google a lot then swagbucks search is perfect for you. When you search on swagbucks you go to there search engine (which is just like google) and you type in what you are searching for. While you are searching you will randomly get swagbucks. You may get anywhere from 5-500 swagbucks in a single search. How can they do that. The answer is very simple. When you search using the swagbucks search engine some sponsored results appear in the search listings. When you click on these sponsored listings swagbucks makes money. This is why they can afford to pay users for searching. This makes the searching experience a little harder. You will be spending a little more time trying to find what you are looking for but when you get swagbucks it makes it worth it.

Swagbucks Polls

      This is an easy way to make money on swagbucks.When you complete a poll on swagbucks you can earn swagbucks. There is one poll a day and the question asked is usually something simple like how many tv's do you own at home? You can chose an answer and then you get awarded 1 swagbuck. On top of that you get to see what people answered. If 100 people answered the survey after you answer you get to see what percentage chose what. The numbers may surprise you.

Swagbucks TV

            Swagbucks Tv is another great way to earn. By watching informational short videos you can earn swagbucks. If you surf youtube a lot then swagbucks tv might be the place for you to make money. The pay from watching short videos on swagbucks tv is low but you can learn a lot of cool things that you might not have known. You can also play swagbucks tv as you surf the web. Even though you are not watching the videos you can still earn swagbucks.

Swagbucks Surveys

      Like Cashcrate or other survey sites swagbucks has a place where you can take surveys to earn money. You can take a survey and earn lots of money. Some surveys pay over 200 swagbucks which means by taking a 2-3 surveys you can get a amazon gift card. The surveys are pretty easy to take and within 5-10 minutes you can be done with a survey and earn swagbucks.

Swagbuck Games

    This is my favorite part of the site. Playing games on swagbucks is awesome. You can enter in tournaments and win a lot of money.  I made over 1,000 swagbucks in an hours just by entering and winning tournaments. Playing games is really easy and fun too. This is another way to make tons of money with swagbucks.


After a while you will have build up a large sum of swagbucks. You can buy thousands of things with these swagbucks. Some of the prizes available are really cool. Some people have won flat screen tv's over the years. The biggest prize I ever won was an ipod touch. It took me 1 year to collect enough swagbucks to get it . It was really cool winning a prize. If you work hard on swagbucks you can win cool prizes too.


Cons of Swagbucks

Usually when something sounds to good to be true it usually is. You can make money on swagbucks but it may take a while. The reason I use swagbucks is I can earn money while I do things I would normally do. By searching the web on swagbucks you can earn about 100 swagbucks in an hour. You need about 800 to get a 5 dollar paypal giftcard and 500 to get a amazon 5 dollar gift card. If you search the web an average of 10 hours a month you have a free 5 dollars for something you would normally do.  This is the reason thousands of people join the site. On top of searching you can make quite a bit of money filling out surveys. In an hours I made 600 swagbucks filling out surveys. It was a lot of writing but once and a while when I have extra time its worth it. I am not saying you'll be a millionaire if you join swagbucks, what I am saying is that you will make some money and if you put the effort in you might end up owning a new flat screen tv.

 Are you convinced yet?. Swagbucks is a great place to earn money. If you are still not convinced that swagbucks is for you check out the site still and see some of the great features.