Swagbucks is a great money-saving website because you will earn free gift cards or other free stuff. Swagbucks  is a search engine that you sign up for and you will earn "swagbucks" when you search. Once you have enough swagbucks you can redeem them for free stuff. They have a ton of stuff in their Swagstore, including gift cards. I am going to share with you some swagbucks tricks to help you earn your rewards fast!

Swagbucks Tricks

  1. Search Everyday with Swagbucks: 

    There are limits to how many you can earn per day, but make sure you are using the Swagbucks website or toolbar every day so that you don’t waste any days you could be earning! If you have already won a couple of times for the day, you can feel free to use another search engine, since you probably won’t win again. To redeem your swagbucks for a $5 Amazon gift card you will need 450 bucks, so even if you only earn 15 swag bucks a day, you will earn a $5 gift card for the month. Using the other tips will speed up the process, but earning a free gift card for just using a different search engine seems pretty easy to me!

  2. Download the Swagbucks Toolbar: 

    Downloading the Swagbucks toolbar will make it super easy to search with it consistently, and you will earn more bucks that way. The toolbar will sit at the top of your browser, so just search using it instead of another search engine. They also will release some swag codes on the toolbar. Type those into your Swag Account where it says "Enter Your Swag Codes" and you will earn extra bucks without even doing any searching. 

  3. Mega Swagbucks Friday: 

    Every Friday Swagbucks awards winners with higher amounts, so make sure you take advantage of this by using it every Friday. I’ve won 40-50 swagbucks on Fridays compared to the 8-15 I normally win on other days. 

  4. Invite Friends to Swagbucks: 

    Another trick is to invite your friends to join. When you invite a friend using your referral code, you will receive matching swagbucks up to the first 1000 they earn from searches.  So for every friend you refer that uses Swagbucks consistently, you will be able to redeem your referral award for $10 in gift cards to Amazon. Not bad!

  5. Tell Swagbucks your Birthday: 

    Tell Swagbucks your birthday when you sign up and they will give you 50 Swagbucks on your birthday. This is an easy way to win them. 

  6. Follow Swagbucks on Facebook and Twitter. 

    Following Swagbucks on Facebook and Twitter is a trick since they will release special swag codes just for their followers. You can submit the swagcodes on the website for more bucks. 

Sign up for Swagbucks today to start earning your Swagbucks (and Amazon gift cards!).

They have plenty of other rewards and gift cards you can redeem for but the Amazon gift card is one of the cheaper gift cards in terms of swagbucks. And who doesn’t love free Amazon gift cards?! 

Do you have any other Swagbucks Tricks? 

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