I'm often asked what the best way to earn money online is. There are many answers to that question. Some people may say that Webanswers is the best or Infobarrel. These are all good sites to use but one of my favorite sites to use is Amazon Turk and Swagbucks. In this article I will compare the two services and give you my opinion on which one is better to use.




  Swagbucks.com is a popular site to go to. Like cashcrate you can fill surveys out on the site but unlike cashcrate you can take search the web ,trade in books and much much more. There are many many things to do on swagbucks, and if you spend the time on the site, you can earn some money. Personally I only spend a few minutes here and there on the site, I usually don't spend more then 10 minutes a month using it.  Only only main way to make money on the site is to fill out surveys or watch videos.


Amazon Turk

Amazon Turk is a marketplace that allow people to work doing odd jobs and other people to hire people. You can do too things on amazon Turk, work, or pay people to work. The PEople in my opinion who make money on the site are the people who pay others to work. These are the people who come out ahead. After all why would you pay someone money unless you felt at you were getting more value out of their work that they produce.  On Amazon Turk, by being a worker, you scavenge for jobs. There are thousands of people working on Amazon Turk and there is tons of competition for work. As soon as a someone offers work available, people from all across the globe jump on it. Workers make very little money. Most people will tell you that they earn less than 5 dollars an hour from the site. In fact that average worker will earn about 2 dollars. This cheap labor offers an attractive opportunity for people. They can pay others on Amazon Turk to do jobs, and profit from them. An example of this is article writing. You could pay someone on Amazon Turk to write you an article for about 2 dollars, than you could post that article online or sell it and make over 5 dollars. The only issue with this is that the quality of some of the content from Amazon Turk is really bad. Some people produce lousy work and it is very hard to find high quality content unless you pay a little more money, but the concept is still there. Pay someone to work and make money from there work. This is how many people on Amazon Turk make money.



Swagbucks has a lot to offer users but in my opinion, Amazon Turk is a better site to use. If you have a little money, as an employer you can hire people to do work for you and than you can sell it for a profit. This beats doing the work yourself. All you need is a little money to get started and you can have a profitable business. Remember that there are drawbacks the quality of the content is not always good. Swagbucks also has some valuable use though. By clipping coupons and watching cool videos you can earn money. This is why I would recommend checking out both of the sites and seeing what they have to offer. You may find that you enjoy swagbucks more or you may find that you enjoy Amazon Turk more, maybe you will realize that none of these sites work for you. Whatever you decide, I wish you the best of luck!