Swan Creek Candle

A History of the Swan Creek Candle Company:

Best known for their soybean candles, Swan Creek Candle Company have their roots in Swanton, OH. They are a division of Ambrosia Inc., a company that has been in the gift industry since 1978. Swan Creek Candle Company is owned and operated by founding family members at their factory in Northwest Ohio.

What makes Swan Creek Candles different?

There are a number of characteristics that can separate one brand of candles from another. The size, shape, and ingredients are just a few, but most commonly people choose candles based on their fragrance. The scent of a candle is the easiest way to distinguish one candle from another, and is the primary reason people buy candles in the first place. Swan Creek Candle Company is known for having what many people consider some of the best scented quality candles in the industry. With over 90 current fragrances, some of their most popular are crisp cotton, lemongrass, and pumpkin vanilla. Swan Creek Candles can be described as intensely fragrant, which some say carry their scents farther than competing candles.

Soybean Wax

The biggest difference between Swan Creek Candle Co. and other manufacturers like Yankee Candle, is that they are made from soybean wax as opposed to paraffin wax. The list of benefits of soybean candles can go on and on, but it all basically boils down to soy candles burn cleaner. What that means is, unlike paraffin wax (which is obtained from petroleum), soybean wax burns with little or no smoke. The result is a quality candle that is better for the environment, and your health. Some people complain that scented candles give them headaches. There is evidence to support, that those headaches are actually from the chemical burn off of paraffin wax, not the fragrance itself. Additionally, there is usually no "soot" buildup under the lid of soy candles, and soy candles promote farmers, as opposed to big oil companies.

Why choose Swan Creek Candle Company soybean candles?

If you are looking for a quality candle, there are a number of reason why Swan Creek Candle Company is your best choice. They are a family owned and operated company that upholds the highest standards of environmental and personal health. It may be the amazing fragrances that first attract you to Swan Creek candles, but their commitment to renewable soy bean wax, incredible scent throw, and American made quality is what keeps you coming back.

Where to buy Swan Creek Candle Co. candles:

All of swan creek candle company candles can be purchased directly from the manufacturer on their website www.swancreekcandles.com. However there are certain restrictions like a minimum $25 dollar order before you can purchase your candles and a $50 minimum order to qualify for free shipping that may hinder some people from buying. Luckily, sites like Amazon.com carry Swan Creek candles and so you can combine orders, or purchase other products at the same time. To find Swan Creek candles on Amazon, simply search swan creek candles in the home and garden department.