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Swaptree is a site that allows you exchange the stuff you have for the stuff you want. Currently you can exchange books, cds, dvds and videos for other media items. The site is free to use, although you have to pay for the postage to send the items. Swapping sites can help you clean out clutter and save money on buying new media.

Swaptree is pretty easy to start using. You just enter the item numbers of the things you want to trade. Then there is another list full of the items you want. Swaptree is pretty good about having an updated database with all the newest DVDs and books to trade from. The system automatically matches you up with other users who want to trade items. The downside of this is that you might not be trading for the exact item you want.

Swaptree notifies you if you have a high value items such as a DVD set so they won't offer you to trade it for a paperback book. The secret is to only put items on your "want" list that you truly want and would trade anything on your "have" list for because swaptree treats most unwanted items as equal in value. This is a good beginning swapping site because you just need to know where to find the UPC code and know how to package media items so they arrive at their destination safely.

When a trade is available you are notified by email and asked whether you want to accept or reject the trade. If you reject too many trades swaptree may revoke your right to trade. As you receive high ratings and accept trades you gain higher limits, like you can have ten trades going on at a time instead of just two. You can use media mail to save on postage on larger items but it may take longer and the receiving user may grow impatient and leave you neutral or negative feedback.

Swaptree is different in that it doesn't use a credit system. You trade directly with users instead of receiving a token to ask another user for an item you want like on some swapping sites. Users leave each other feedback so you know if the trader is trustworthy. The downside to this is that with new traders you can't always be assured if they will send your item, which means they'll have yours but you didn't get anything in return. This makes swaptree less reliable than some other trading sites.

Overall, you need to weigh the pros and cons of swaptree before signing up. There is a small risk that you won't receive your item if you are matched with an unreliable trader. However, swaptree allows you to trade for all kinds of media. Other sites are just focused on cds or movies, so you can really clean out your bookshelves and save money while doing it.

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