If you are looking for something extreme, luxury and more extravagant than everybody else in your circle of friends is having, you should check out a Swarovski iPhone 4 Case.

A Swarovski iPhone 4 Case? Yup, a cover for your Apple telephone with crystals on them. Actual crystals and they definitely have the price of expensive crystals. You can get one of these cute iPhone 4 cases for around 80 dollars on Amazon, but there are samples as well of 300$! Well, you wanted luxury right? Well. You get luxury!

Swarovski iPhone 4 Case

Because I do like the idea of these covers, I want to share a couple of them with you. First of all we will look in some good looking covers, but I will name some extreme covers as well.

Swarovski Silver Crown Crystal Bling CoverSwarovski iPhone 4 Case SilverCredit: http://bestiphone4casesreview.com

This is just a cover which does the exact thing it is promising in its name. Bling-bling. When you look at the customer reviews the first one is indeed 'well, it blings!' Together with the pink look it is the best iphone 4 case for girls.

Swarovski flower Crystal Bling Cover

This cover has a black rose on it, giving it a mysterious look. In contradiction to the earlier case, this one is completely black, which gives some sort of classy look to the case.

Swarovski iPhone 4 Case Black RoseCredit: http://bestiphone4casesreview.com

This is actually a case not only for the people who love bling, but this is one you can be seen with as well. Price? 80$!

Swarovski Pink Flower Crystal Bling CoverSwarovski iPhone 4 Case ButterflyCredit: http://bestiphone4casesreview.com

What I love about this cover is it's totally pink look. Even more pink than the first cover. This would be a nice gift for a little girl, if you are looking for cute iPhone 4 cases for girls. With the giant butterfly, the extreme amount of pink crystals she will love it. If you want to afford it of course, as this case is 80$ as well.

Hello Kitty iPhone 4 Case: Swarovski

Talking about gifts for little girls, this cover is both made from Swarovsi Crystals and is showing one of the best characters for little girls: Hello Kitty! Awesome? Definitely. Pink? Yeah, really pink.

Swarovski iPhone 4 Case Hello KittyCredit: http://bestiphone4casesreview.com

The downfall of this case is the big crystals. If you don't pay a lot of attention on how you hold the case and where you put it, the crystals may fall off, something which can easily happen in your pockets for instance.

Swarovski Super Mario iPhone 4 Case

The best of the best, if you ask me. I love Mario and this case is a Super Mario case, but made of Swarovski crystals! I think we can all die happy now after seeing this Swarovski iPhone 4 Case.

Swarovski iPhone 4 Case MarioCredit: http://bestiphone4casesreview.com

But because it is Mario and because it is black, this might be possible as a gift for guys as well. I know, the crystals are most likely too blingy, but if you have a guy who is into it, he might like it!

Swarovski Owl iPhone 4 CaseSwarovski iPhone 4 Case OwlCredit: http://bestiphone4casesreview.com

As promised, a case with a price tag of $299,-. It happened. Really, really expensive, but if you want to look good, you got to carry the costs right?

This case has a nice Owl on it and together with the brown crystals the case looks good and classy

Hopefully you gained some interest in good-looking covers for your iPhone. There are tons of them out there, and if you are looking for a nice cover, you have to check a Swarovski iPhone 4 Case