As the name suggests, sweat induced dermatitis is a type of dermatitis that is induced by the action of excessive sweating.

Sweat induced dermatitis occurs basically as an allergic reaction of the body to sweat, especially so when a person already has symptoms of atopic dermatitis.

Although, in some cases sweat may not be the reason for sweat induced dermatitis, it does seem to have some link to aggravating the conditions in an atopic dermatitis. However, it is not understood fully in what way it causes this symptom and is a matter that is still being researched.

Link with Atopic Dermatitis

Occurrences of Sweat allergy in Atopic Dermatitis patients can be treated as a corollary to what may be causing sweat induced dermatitis. It thus serves as an objective for development of new therapeutics.

Sweat induced dermatitis can be triggered by allergic or non-allergic mechanisms.

Role of Nickel

In some cases sensitivity to nickel causes sweat induced dermatitis. If there is excessive sweating and it comes in contact with any item containing nickel in some proportion it may lead to prickly sensation and itching and rashes develop over that spot shortly, causing sweat induced dermatitis . This type of reaction is noticed only when nickel comes in contact with sweat and not otherwise. Therefore, people who have such problems should avoid wearing any item that has even a small proportion of nickel.

Sometimes sweat induced dermatitis is also seen amongst medical workers and people who use rubber products. Rubber products are known to cause allergic 'contact dermatitis' due to the chemical additives present in rubber. If a person already has allergic contact dermatitis it may also become Sweat Induced Dermatitis due to the excessive sweating that takes place while wearing tight fitting surgical gloves, etc.

Treatment for sweat induced dermatitis

Understanding the reasons that initiate Sweat induced dermatitis leads to a better management and cure by ensuring that conditions that cause accumulation of sweat on any part of the body especially at the folds are avoided by taking preventive action.

* Caution should be taken in wearing clothes. They should not be tight fitting or made of synthetic material.
* Preferably, cotton clothing should be used and it should be ensured that adequate circulation is possible.
* Avoid using items made of nickel.
* Tight fitting gloves or any latex products should be used after sprinkling a generous amount of medicated powder so that the sweat does not accumulate.

Sweat induced dermatitis can be avoided by identifying those items that cause allergy to the skin when they come in contact with sweat. In case their use is unavoidable, it can be circumvented by finding a substitute. Help of a dermatologist can also be sought to identify the allergy causing materials.

Keeping the body dry and maintaining proper hygiene are the best ways to avoid Sweat induced dermatitis. Once infected, proper medical advice should be taken from a doctor and prescribed medications taken till there is relief from Sweat induced dermatitis.