How to increase your chances of winning

You wake up, go out to check your mail, and see an interesting letter from a sweepstakes you entered about two months ago. You open it up to find that you've won $5,000 a week for the rest of your life! You wake up again, and realize it was all just a dream. The truth is, winning a sweepstakes is very unlikely however there are multiple strategies that will teach you how to win, and what you can do to really increase your chances.

Your First Step is to Enter!

Believe it or not, you can't win a sweepstakes if you never enter them. Google search sweepstakes and actively search out sweepstakes to enter to bring your chances of winning way up. It's likely you've become so exposed to sweepstakes that you don't even notice them anymore. In that respect, open your eyes and start noticing! You'd be surprised at all the little sweepstakes that exist and just by entering two sweepstakes you double your chances of winning something! 

Be sure to follow the rules.

Every once in awhile you hear about the poor sucker who didn't follow all of the rules to the letter and was therefore not allowed to collect his prize. Don't let this happen to you! Often times these rules exist to keep it fair but sometimes, even signing up your friend on your computer could lead to problems down the road. Consider this, and if you're really worried then read the fine print. 

Make sure to fill out the paperwork correctly

Just as with following the fine print, it's important to fill out the paperwork correctly and to the letter. Along with that advice is to fill out the paperwork as often as possible! If you're given the opportunity to enter multiple times, then do so, and do so as many times as possible! The extra effort is often worth it with these multiple entry sweepstakes.

Accept that you might not win

The chances of winning these sweepstakes is often even lower than your  chances of winning the lottery so it's important not to get your hopes up too high. Through persistence and perseverance you can increase your chances of winning but no amount of strategy can assure your winning of any sweepstakes. It's also important to not become consumed with winning sweepstakes for the very same reason.

Most importantly...

Have fun! This doesn't need to be a job, and really, you shouldn't have to lose that subtle excitement that comes with entering a sweepstakes just because you're entering a ton of them. If anything, take this chance to increase your excitement! Good luck with your sweepstakes and hopefully this article has helped you get a better idea of how to win!