The best sweet 16 candle ceremony ideas:

Traditionally, a sweet 16 party is a formal celebration of a young woman turning sixteen years old. They are often extravagant, exciting and expensive. It is becoming more and more common for sweet 16 parties to be accompanied by glamorous dresses, professional hair and makeup, disc jockeys, catered food, and floral arrangements similar to a wedding ceremony. With reality shoes like "My Super Sweet 16" growing in popularity, it becoming more and more difficult to differentiate fantasy from reality. However in addition to a celebration of years past and promising futures, at the heart of every sweet sixteen party is a thankfulness for friends and family. This gratitude is shown through the sweet 16 candle lighting ceremony in which the young woman lights a candle for each of her 16 years.

Sweet Sixteen Decorations:

Before exploring your sweet 16 candle ceremony ideas, one of the most difficult parts of planning a sweet sixteen is the decorations. You want to plan your sweet 16 party around a few things: your daughter's interests and hobbies, the season, and your budget. Show's like MTV's My Super Sweet 16 give many girls the false hope that there are no budget restraints when planning the party. Be sure that whatever decoration you choose, that you are not overspending so you can use that money in other areas like the photographer, party favors, invitations, flowers, and the food.

Bonus Tip: One of the cheapest ways to transform a room into something unique and special is to buy sweet 16 balloons. Personalized latex sweet sixteen balloons can be purchased for just a few cents a piece if you buy them in bulk.

Sweet 16 DJ:

Hiring a professional disc jockey can make any sweet 16 party stand out. Not only will a sweet 16 DJ help you choose songs that are appropriate for the candle lighting ceremony, but they can also act a master of ceremonies to help keep transitions between the candle lighting ceremony, the shoe ceremony, the tiara ceremony, and the father daughter dance smooth and natural.

Sweet 16 candle lighting ceremony ideas:

The order in which you dedicate your candle lighting's to goes as follows:

Candle 1 - Honor and thank your parents.
Candle 2 - Cherish you siblings and grandparents.
Candle 3-6 - Mention other important relatives and family members.
Candles 7-14 - Have a little fun mentioning your closest friends.
Candle 15 - Dedicate this candle to your best friend. Share some of your favorite moments whether they are funny, embarrassing, or emotional.
Candle 16 - The final candle on your sweet 16 cake is dedicated to your significant other, whether it be your boyfriend, or just your best guy friend.
(Optional) Candle 17 - Can be lit during a story about something funny or inspirational.

There are a number of things you have to think about when planning a sweet 16 party can be overwhelming. From the sweet 16 DJ to the sweet 16 balloons, there are tons of things on your mind. But don't forget to honor those that are important to you by preparing in advance what you will say when using our sweet 16 candle ceremony ideas.