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What is hypertension?

Studies have shown that sweet drinks are linked to higher risk of developing high blood pressure, but the main culprit may not be the fruit sugar as reveal by earlier research. In this research, more than 200,000 men and women are involved for up to 38 years and they discovered that consuming at least one sweetened drink daily, either with sugar or artificially sweetened was associated with a risk of 13 percent in the risk of developing high blood pressure.

Drinks such as carbonated and cola drinks were strongly linked to risk of developing hypertension, but fruit sugar or fructose in drinks did not stand out to be the driving factor, the researchers reported.

Previous studies have list fructose as a risk factor for getting high blood pressure. The research personals studied the data collected from 3 massive studies, which includes 224,000 health care workers, whose diet and health were closely monitored for 16 to 38 years. None of them has been detected with high blood pressure at the beginning of the study.

In order to determine that fructose indeed was responsible, researchers begins to screen people who had a considerable levels of fructose in their diets from other sources such as fruits.

Among the people who had 15 percent of their calories from fructose source other than drinks, the risk of having hypertension was either lower or the same as those people who eat very little fructose.

A lot of people would think if fructose is the source of getting high blood pressure, then eating a lot of apples will surely increase your chance of getting hypertension, said a researcher from the University of Maryland Medical Center. The "markedly" stronger link between carbonated sweet drinks and heightened hypertension risk can be explained by the larger serving sizes that are associated with sodas or some other unknown ingredient common to all of them, but further research is needed in order to confirm the findings.


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